#NCSEN: Brannon praised by YET another national conservative figure



The GOP race for US Senate appears to be cranking up a notch.  State House speaker Thom Tillis has touted endorsements from Republican leaders in the General Assembly, and support from DC establishment figures like Richard Burr and Karl Rove.

Cary physician Greg Brannon earned a shoutout from Tea Party leader and RedState.com founder Erick Erickson.     US Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky) — a Tea Party favorite — has endorsed Brannon and sent out fundraising emails on his behalf.  Now,  Dr. Tom Woods — a New York Times best-selling author, nationally-renowned economist and free-market advocate — has tossed in his two cents on Greg Brannon:

[…] “I’m not an easy person to impress.  But I am just blown away by Greg Brannon. He’s so knowledgeable, so well-read — he will embarrass everybody in the United States Senate.  I almost feel sorry for them.  […]

North Carolina’s mainstream media is doing its best to frame the race as an affair centering around Tillis and Charlotte pastor Mark Harris.  Never mind that even Democrat polls consistently find Brannon polling the best head-to-head against incumbent Kay Hagan. 

McClatchy is trying its damnedest to suggest that there is a three way split in the NCGOP — establishment moderates, Tea Party, and the religious right. 

I — and a number of other veteran political campaign observers I’ve heard from  — have been impressed at how well Brannon has performed so far in building support among Tea Partiers, the religious right, and libertarian-leaners.  Honestly, there aren’t too many occasions where you find those three elements of the GOP singing from the same sheet music. 


6 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Brannon praised by YET another national conservative figure

  1. Dr. Brannon represents the type of man we need in the Senate. Not a career politician, not a GOP hack, just a regular guy trying to restore the Constitution.

  2. LOVE IT! NC Conservatives are the backbone of this State. We have spent the last 5 years involved and learning. Richard Burrs’ behavior over the Defunding Bill is no longer acceptable behavior and we will not elect another Moderate #RINOsaur to stab us in the back. I think everyone will be surprised just how strongly a message NC Conservatives will send in #2014. Bring it on! #ABT

  3. #ABT is right. Dr. Brannon is a principled constitutional conservative. I think he holds the key to beating Kay Hagan. The first 3 letters of her last name say it all– “HAG”. As for Burr…can’t wait to get rid of him as well. He’s a sorry excuse for a Republican, but sadly representative of the Rove/Tillis Rino GOPe.

  4. I’m about as interested in Dr. Brannon’s thoughts on the contemporary application of the Constitution as I am with Antonin Scalia’s ideas of how best to deal with yeast infections and uterine fibroids.

    Dr. Brannon, though a thoughtful and fine contributor to his community, shares with Rev. Harris a complete lack of any legislative record. When voting on the important issues of the day, I would like to be able to view a future US Senator’s previous legislative record to get an idea of what they might do in the future. With Brannon and Harris all we have is what they say on the stump. They want us to trust them, but our current President is demonstrating how dumb that can be.

    1. Well, having no legislative record beats the stuffings out of a BAD legislative record like Thom ”Toll Road” Tillis has. He is pushing drivers licenses for illegal aliens. He worked hard in two legislative sessions to water down Voter ID. He sandbagged a bill to stop a green boondoggle that is costing utility customers a bundle. He is generally an establishment twit who uses his power to stop conservative legislation. We have too many like him in DC. He would just be another Lindsay Graham or John McCain, and they are almost as bad as Democrats. And don’t forget that Tillis is a disciple of Richard Turncoat Morgan, the only legislator ever thrown out of the GOP by the state executive committee for party disloyalty.

    2. Lack of a legislative record can be a GOOD thing. It deprives the Democrats of ”oppo” – opposition research. My first choice for Senate was former Ambassador Jim Cain, and while his association with Senator Helms was the biggest reason, and the fact that I have known him personally and politically, the lack of a voting record and the oppo Democrats could get from that was also a big plus.

      Cain is not running, so I lean to Brannon. He has the principles, while Tillis is an opportunist with no principles whatsoever, and Harris is a question mark. The other big area that puts both Brannon and Harris ahead of Tillis, is that neither has a voting record for Democrats to shoot at. Tillis’ record is a target rich environment for Democrats, like his sleazy fundraising and appointments, and his tin ear on staff raises at a time state employees were getting no raise, and his tin ear on that sex and influence scandal in the Speakers office.

      We have seen the leftists and their media lapdogs grossly misrepresent the record of the GOP legislature. What do you think the big out of state Democrat and union money are going to harp on in wall to wall TV ads if Tillis were the nominee? What do you think that will do to our legislative ticket, which will not have the funds to counter it? Nominating Tillis would be a disaster for the whole GOP ticket. It will mean that misrepresentations of our GOP legislature’s record will be pounded into voters and nobody will have the resources to counter it. The establishment GOP has a death wish in Tillis for the whole party.

      Rove had his share of duds in races we should have won for the Senate last year such as Berg, Rehberg, and Thompson. Tillis is another of their ilk.

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