#NCSEN: Propping Up The Sock Puppet

n&oplus1Chuck Schumer and the gang are afraid they might be at risk of losing their Kay so they are calling out the troops to save her neck from her angry constituents in 2014. Kay Hagan — our junior senator, also known affectionately in many parts as Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet™ — is inching closer to having to answer to the voters for her passionate support of ObamaCare, carbon taxes, tax increases, gays in the military, gun control and many other parts of the big government leftist agenda.

McClatchy-Raleigh — despite the glaring concerns about Public Policy Polling’s work — trumpets the Durham-based Democrat polling firm’s work like it was on those stone tablets Moses brought down from the mountain.  The latest dispatch from McClatchy’s MR. POLITICS, Rob Christensen, features the headline “Hagan’s popularity declines, but she would still beat Republicans”.

That’s the spin that Schumer, et. al. want to see, but experienced politicos looking at PPP’s findings see some very troubling things for Hagan, her campaign, and her supporters in and out of McClatchy newsrooms:

1.  Hagan’s approval rate is 36 percent, while her undecided number is at 23 percent.  She’s been representing our state for nearly six years, and there are nearly as many people undecided about her as there are approving of her.

2. Hagan is polling significantly under 50 percent in head-to-head matchups against ALL of her three prospective GOP opponents.  She’s pulling down 47 percent to 40 percent for Thom Tillis.  Hagan leads Mark Harris 46 to 38, and Greg Brannon by 46 to 40.  That’s a 13 to 16 percent undecided for each of the three matchups.  We aren’t told what the margin of error for this poll is.  (It’s usually anywhere from 3 to 5 percent.)  Undecideds tend to flock overwhelmingly toward the challenger as the campaign comes to a close.  Factor all of that in — and things are actually way too close for comfort for our favorite sock puppet. 

It’s interesting that the remnants of our mainstream media are focusing so much on Thom Tillis and Mark Harris in the GOP primary.  Check out Rob’s piece today –– decorated with mugs of Tillis and Harris.  For some reason, we appear to be playing a game called “Pretend Greg Brannon Does Not Exist.”  The problem with that?  This Democrat poll shows Brannon polling better against Hagan than Harris or Tillis.  Documents I’ve seen show Brannon with a respectable fundraising showing compared to that of Tillis. (I haven’t seen any documentation for what Richard Burr has been able to do for Tillis with his DC special interest buddies.)   Fundraising emails from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul — on behalf of Brannon — are already hitting email inboxes across North Carolina.

It’s still very early.  But it appears we’re looking at an epic battle between the Paul-Cruz-Lee led Tea Party (backing Brannon)  and the establishment forces led by Karl Rove (backing Tillis).


19 thoughts on “#NCSEN: Propping Up The Sock Puppet

  1. Let me make myself perfectly clear, I loathe the GOP — with a few exceptions namely Cruz, Lee and Paul.

    But, we have got to get a grip on ourselves and stop the high-minded, self righteousness.

    We MUST defeat the Democrats first. Hagan is our #1 priority. They are the true enemies. Their voting record and unified stand on all positions are proof enough.

    We MUST unite to get them out. And, we cannot eat our own on the way to nominating a candidate.

    Then, we clean house.

    But, the Democrats, who are at heart progressive socialists, must go first.

    We MUST win elections.

    We MUST unite behind the GOP candidate.

    Otherwise, we will cease to exist.

    1. We have to decide who the GOP candidate is to be before we can unite behind him. That’s what primaries are for, and that’s what season we’re in now. So these discussions will continue, and any insistence that we not have these debates or unify before the primary are, frankly, out of place.

      1. I could not agree with you more. But, I am sick of losing — and watching this country slip away. My point is that we have to stick together, hold our noses if necessary and VOTE out Hagan and any/all Dems. I do not want a repeat of 2012 where 3 million or so GOP/conservatives stayed home b/c Romney was not “pure” enough. Look what that self-righteousness got us.

        1. ” I do not want a repeat of 2012 where 3 million or so GOP/conservatives stayed home b/c Romney was not “pure” enough”

          I really hope I’m misunderstanding your sentiment because I’m sick of Rove/Barbour/Tillis-types telling us to dial back our conservatism because being too pro-Constitution “drives away moderate Independent voters”. I’d like to see these clowns tell that to Ronald Reagan’s face.

          I would submit that our stay-home contingent did so for two reasons…..Romney didn’t stand for much of anything and he and his party hack allies thoroughly insulted and drove away an important wing of our Party down in Tampa. Its hard to win when your nominee can’t even demonstrate the requisite leadership to lead the Party.

          And we’re not going to bring that group of libertarian- leaning Republicans back into the fold until we sit down at the table and work out our differences in a good faith effort. And doing so is our best chance to win the enthusiasm and support of a lot of crucial young voters as well as some elections.

          Perhaps we’ve made a start in that direction here in North Carolina. Like many, I have had my doubts about our State Party Chair but he just might be different. When evening came around last June when he had been elected Chairman earlier that day, I happened to arrive at the Liber-Tea hospitality suite where I spotted Claude listening to several very earnest, very young people…..and he was doing a lot more listening than speaking. That by itself is atypical of past Chairs.

        2. If you are the Kim who works for Tillis, then you can take a message to your boss. It is well known that he is out trying to find primary challengers to conservative state representatives. This is pure spite, since whatever happens, Tillis will not be in the legislature after the 2014 election. If he persists in playing the game in that vicious spiteful anti-conservative manner, he will probably motivate a lot of party activists to just skip over his race if he is the Senate nominee, and that will be Tillis’ own stupid fault. He cannot blame anyone else.

          1. Let me be clear — I cannot stand Tillis, the Establishment GOP, etc. or any of the hacks that paint me as a radical since I believe in smaller government, the Constitution, etc. I am going to fight for the candidate who upholds my principles best — and hopefully that person — in this case Brannon — will be the nominee.

            I am not going to let my ideology stand in the way of defeating any Democrat.

            But, I am going to vote AGAINST the Democrat no matter what.

            And, I hope each and every one of you will do the same.

        3. Fixing and guarding the voting process is one way you can actually exercise some control and see an outcome, e.g. finding and eliminating dead voters. Voting fraud was more widespread than the media ever report last general election. Try the Voter Integrity Project of NC http://voterintegrityproject.com
          They need the help. Also, contact Moore Tea Citizens for some contacts.

    2. We will get a chance to unite behind whoever the GOP candidate turns out to be. But in the mean time, we have a good chance to elect a constitutionalist who can destroy Hagan on her healthcare vote should people get out there and help Brannon win this thing.

    3. I am sure that many GOP activists may hold their nose and vote for Tillis if he is the nominee, but there would be no enthusiasm to support him any more than that. Then there are the masses of GOP voters who are not party activists. Tillis will not motivate them to get out and vote. That was Romney’s problem. The party activists did mostly hold their nose and vote for him, but millions of average white Republican voters who held their nose and voted for McCain did not do so for Romney. That is why Romney lost.

      Burr has given the GOP establishment a huge black eye among average conservative voters with his treachery on the issue of defunding Obamacare. If we go to the voters with another establishment type, he will be dead meat. Nominating Tillis means handing the seat back to Hagan, which I do not want to see happen.

    4. I am tired of backing half baked / half hearted attempts of the Republican party. They act like they want to lose. I am for kicking Hagen’s assets in ’14 and putting Burr on notice that he is consigned to the deep freeze.

  2. Adam is correct, lets have a healthy debate during the primary and then we can unite during the general. The reports of GOP inner warfare have been greatly exaggerated, it’s just the primary season.

    1. “GOP inner warfare have been greatly exaggerated,”
      What bloodless plain are you living on?
      Prepare to sand the decks as the bloodshed will soon spill over and you will need secure footing.
      The current spillage may not be apparent as it drains from the posterior of conservatives but is will soon move to frontal arteries.

  3. Dr. Greg Brannon is our best hope to unseat Obama puppet Kay Hagan. I have listened to Dr Brannon speak several times in person and with his being a renowned surgeon and constitutionalist, he is an expert on the consequences of Obamacare and knows just how to remedy it..whether its reforming it or repealing it altogether and rebuild it to where we can afford it. One quote from Dr Brannon I have not forgotten and is sooo true….”There is no healthcare in Obamacare.” This is a fact. Please support Dr Greg Brannon to defeat Kay Hagan in 2014.

    1. Dr. Brannon also understands the dangers of Common Core State Standards — unlike Tillis and head-in-the-sand McCrory. Start educating yourselves on this issue http://www.stopcommoncorenc.org and join us — and the only brave guy out there, Dan Forest, in stopping this insidious government creep.

  4. Dr. Greg Brannon is our candidate to beat Hagan.

    He has the credentials, the intellect and the character for the job. Get solidly behind him now and send him some money.

    Remember the “Unaffiliated” voters can make or break this race and in NC they vote in our open primaries. Who do they favor? It’s hard to know but I bet most are fed up with Republicans and will vote for someone with the stomach to clean house giving us a national party of patriots we can once again feel proud to belong to.

    I read a report today that the real split in the Republican Party is between those that recognize we have a true crisis in this country (and therefore in the world) and those that hope the GOP will eventually work things out for the best somehow. Maybe that is true because I know I’m not in a small minority who believe this great country cannot long survive the escalated onslaught of the anti-American liberals, the One World Government earth worshipping crazies, the extreme Islamic threat of mindless violence, the lying biased media, the environmental religious wackos, insatiable greedy corporations and unions and the treasonous unprincipled politicians much longer.

    And we are sincerely worried for our innocent children’s futures. Worried enough to do something about it.

    God bless America. God forgive us for casually throwing away what our honorable military risk/lose their lives to protect for us.

  5. There is another very good solid reason why a loyal Republican voter might pass over the Senate race if Tillis was the nominee, and that has to do with Tillis’ political history.

    Tillis got into politics as the protégé of the most notorious party traitor in recent NC Republican history, Richard Morgan. Morgan lost his bid for leadership in the GOP caucus, so he got in a snit and did a private coalition deal with the Democrats under Jim Black under which Morgan had a façade of power but real control was mostly in Black. Tillis was recruited into politics by Morgan and Black to run in a primary against a solid loyal member of the Republican caucus. Tillis from the beginning owed his political loyalty to a small and corrupt renegade faction, not to the overall GOP caucus, and his faction was in bed with the Democrats and hostile to the overall caucus.. Black later went to federal prison for corruption. Many thought that Morgan should have gone, too, but Morgan was defeated in his own primary and the State Republican Executive Committee by overwhelming vote banned Morgan from holding any position within the Republican Party.

    There presents a clear and present danger that if Republicans ended up with a 51 seat majority in 2014, Tillis would revert to his political roots and do what his political mentor, Richard Morgan did, and that is cut a corrupt deal with the Democrats to keep the Democrats in power. In a split Senate, the Vice President breaks the tie. But it may get worse, if Tillis does what Morgan did and brings a handful of weak or opportunist Republicans with him. A mess like that could take years to straighten out in primaries given that Senators have 6 year terms, instead of 2 years like legislators. It should not go unnoticed that the very person who negotiated the corrupt alliance between Black and Morgan, Paul Shumaker, is Tillis’ chief political consultant.

    With his policical history, Tilis not only presents a danger of going AWOL on issues like our present GOP Senator Richard ”Tricky Dick” Burr, but also going AWOL on even supporting GOP control of the Senate.

    I would bet money that if the Dems end up with 49 seats, they will be immediately trying to play ”Let’s Make a Deal” with Tillis, but it would not be surprising if Tillis made the first move along those lines himself.

    I do not have any questions about the ultimate party loyalty of any other US Senate primary candidate or prospective candidate, but I have very severe doubts about Tillis.

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