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#ncga: Stein-ball affair “under review” in Currituck

Another driveby media outlet on the coast is sounding off on Stein-ball (aka “The Steinburg Invitational”):  […] What the county is buying is advertising and promotion, said Currituck travel and tourism director Tameron Kugler in an email this week. The county is buying that exposure with…

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#ncga: Even DEMS enjoy mocking Jeff Jackson

It’s good to see we’re not alone on this one. When the parody Twitter accounts start popping up, you KNOW voting time is getting closer. Tim Barnsback is the Democrat nominee in House District 86 — currently held by Hugh Blackwell.  Barnsback apparently encountered a…

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#ncga: A wee bit creepy

(No, Dallas.  I’m not talking about YOU.) I found a link to the House Republican Caucus website on Twitter.  It led me to a post about HD-63 candidate Erica McAdoo (D).  A button invites visitors to “Learn More.” When  you click on the link, you…

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Can’t even sell BOOZE right.

Sometimes, it’s NOT as easy as A-B-C.  That’s what state auditor Beth Wood’s latest audit has found: The office in charge of North Carolina’s state-run liquor stores has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars through years of mismanagement, according to an audit released Thursday morning. The…

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#ncga: Currituck officials circle wagons against taxpayer critique of Steinburg Invitational

*It’s really something when the little people start asking questions about just what those really smart people in elected office are doing, eh?* Apparently, the folks in power in Currituck County are hearing from the little people about the decision to fund The Steinburg Invitational…

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Speaking of USELESS Paul Shumaker clients …

It’s all over Washington that US Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) has been employing a Chinese spy for, oh, TWENTY YEARS.    She sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee with our good pal Dick Burr — with access to all kinds of secrets Beijing would looooooove…

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#ncpol: Thilli$$$ sees the, um, light on “man-made climate change”

There have got to be some big fat checks hidden in this sellout SOMEWHERE.  And he’s unveiling said sell-out on the home of softball-questions-because-we-don’t-want-these-corrupt-pols-to-snatch-our-monopolistic-franchise-from-us. The enviro-wackos stopped calling it global warming when the data showed the globe was, um, not warming.  Now, it’s climate change….

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#FreeBobLee: Twitter censorship hits close to home

Haymaker fans from the Raleigh area may be familiar with blogger BobLee .  You may recall the trouble he and his partner-in-crime AgentPierce stirred up on the N&O’s comment section back-in-the-day. BL is a friend of The Haymaker.  We link to his stuff on our blogroll….

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Hickory hotels donated to NCGOP?

Specifically, the party’s building fund?  That’s what the Q2 2018 report from the folks at NCGOPe HQ tells us.  On May 23, The Hilton Garden Inn and the Crown Plaza — both in Hickory — are listed as each having donated $5,000 to the North…

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Pat McCrory campaign STILL alive and kicking

Pat McCrory has been away from that big house on Raleigh’s Blount Street for about 18 months now.  But his campaign operation — The Pat McCrory Committee — is still rolling right along. The website is down, but there are still a lot of financial…