#ncpol: Thilli$$$ sees the, um, light on “man-made climate change”

There have got to be some big fat checks hidden in this sellout SOMEWHERE. 

And he’s unveiling said sell-out on the home of softball-questions-because-we-don’t-want-these-corrupt-pols-to-snatch-our-monopolistic-franchise-from-us.

The enviro-wackos stopped calling it global warming when the data showed the globe was, um, not warming.  Now, it’s climate change.

Who can argue with the climate changing?  We have hot days.  We have cold days.  We had an Ice Age.  Now, we don’t.

The “man-made” part is the problem.  The enviro-wackos use it as an excuse to slap all kinds of regulations, fees, fines, and taxes on Americans and American businesses.

(Meanwhile, the Chinese are struggling to breathe and they can’t drink the water over there. Most of the trash you find in the oceans comes from Third World countries far from HERE.)

America’s major cities — in the dawn of the industrial age — were smog-infested, disease-wracked rat-holes.  As technology advanced, things got a lot better.  EPA nazis were not necessary.

Hmmm.  Are there any parts of Thilli$$$’s 2014 campaign platform that he hasn’t yet abandoned? 

21 thoughts on “#ncpol: Thilli$$$ sees the, um, light on “man-made climate change”

  1. Tillis is a liberal, a fake Republican, and a sell out. He needs to come home in 2020. He is unsupportable for any office. Now he has jumped on the Obama bandwagon on the climate charade instead of supporting President Trump.

    This British TV documentary, “The Great Global Warming Swindle” broadcast nationally in the UK by Channel 4, explains how the manmade global warming / climate change theory just does not hold water, and does it through interviews with leading scientists from around the world:


  2. Well he still has a R by his name and I would totally support him trading it for a D so he would no longer be an embarressment to NC republicans

  3. Come, come. You have to understand our Thom. He is a trans-partisan, part of that “trans” movement like the transsexuals. He is a Democrat trapped in a Republican’s body. He does not even need an operation to cure his identity problem, just a quick trip to the Board of Elections.

  4. The 20 hottest years on record have all occurred since 1995. But it snows, the earth isn’t warming. No way. Just a hoax.

    1. The Climategate email dump taught us that the advocates of the global warming theory boast about manipulating the data to fit their theory. Only a fool trusts their numbers. They also are shown conspiring to supress any views that are not consistent with their lucrative (to them) theory. “Hide the decline” as they say!

      Dr. Vaclav Klaus, immediate past President of the Czech Republic (and Prime Minister before that) hit the nail on the head when he called the movement advocating the global warming theory “a budding totalitarian ideology that is the greatest threat to freedom, democracy, and prosperity in the world today.” Tillis seems to have jumped aboard that totalitarian movement.

  5. John Steed added some interesting information.

    Patrick was sassy, and Dallas Outhouse added some wicked wit that gave me a chuckle.

    Thanks, fellows. Your comments were as good as the original article!

    1. You know, Raynor, that we have to welcome into activity in our party the mixed up trans-partisans like our boy Thom, who cannot figure out which party they belong to, for the very same reason we should welcome into the shower rooms and restrooms of their choice the mixed up Transsexuals who cannot figure out if they are boys or girls. Come to think about, our boy Thom got himself involved in that fight, too, helping to conquer our bathrooms and shower rooms for the transsexuals..

  6. As for the states with 2 Republican senators, we’ve been in a race to the bottom with Tennessee and Arizona. It’s like those simulations you see on the scoreboard during the 7th inning stretch of the Nats games. With Flake and Corker, it’s hard to say we’re winning right now, but I’m thinking Burr might really have the key to a late stretch upset up his sleeve.

  7. Speaking of light-How about shining a light in Tillis ear and see if his eyes light up or the light shines out the other side.

  8. Former state senator Bob Rucho would make an excellent senator. He’s a thousand times smarter than Tommy T.

  9. This is all about Tillis’ personal financial self interest. Tillis has a big investment in a small bank in his hometown that specializes in making loans to wind and solar developers. He even listed himself as the “:owner” of that bank on his legislative financial disclosure forms. Wind and solar produce expensive and unreliable power, and the only way it tries to justify the big subsidies it gets is pointing to the global warming scare.

    But it is against the financial interests of the people of North Carolina, because in places that have deployed large amounts of wind and solar electric generation, the power prices to consumers have gone through the roof. An example is the Australian state of South Australia, which had the cheapest consumer electric rates in the world until the Labour Party shifted half of the generating capacity to wind and solar, and now they have the most expensive consumer electric rates in the world.. Tillis is very willing to do that to North Carolinians in order to pad his own personal pocket.

  10. As thinking people are presented with the facts they come understand humans have been pumping so much into our atmosphere, especially since the industrial revolution, that it does impact the world climate.

    1. If you want facts instead of propaganda, watch that British TV documentary “The Great Global Warming Swindle” linked in the first post on this article. But you lefties do not want to be confused with facts because your minds are made up. Or read the Climategate emails to learn what utter frauds and shysters your climate heroes are.

  11. It’s doubtful Thilli$$ could be beaten in a primary in 2020, so you have the RINO you first supported, “Climate CHANGLING” or not. Like most folks we send to DC, they are willing to morph into whatever pollsters tell them they need to do, in order to cling to power. So when this seat is vacated again, choose wisely. Until that happens, Thilli$$ is like Aunt Bea’s pickles. You learn to love them, even if they make you pucker up with disgust.

    1. I think it is much more likely I will learn to love a Constitution Party candidate than a Thilli$$ pickle.

    2. With “Republicans” like Thom Tillis, who needs Democrats?

      And, sadly, the despicable David Lewis probably did rig the primary for Tillis, with his asiniine 30% threshold to win a primary, unless we can get a one on one race. If we can do the latter, Mark Meadows will clean Tillis’ clock.

      Tillis is another Corker or Flake. He needs to be G-O-N-E.

      Every time you turn around, Tillis is supporting foreign interests against North Carolinians. Often it is illegal aliens, but just this week it was Chinese-owned Smithfield Foods against North Carolina property owners.

    3. One of the key rules of politics is “don’t piss on your base”. Since he was elected, Thom Tillis has regularly violated this rule, repeatedly urinating and defecating on the GOP base. Pissing on the base does not enhance reelection. If some consultant is telling him to do that, then he needs a new consultant.

      Moving left often hurts politicians of center-right parties. A good example is the Conservative Party of the UK in the last parliamentary election. The party’s Manifesto (we would call it a platform) usually has quite a bit of input from party activists, but this time it was done in secret by Prime Minister Teresa May and two advisers, and it took the party significantly to the left. Up until the Manifesto was released, the party was comfortably ahead in the polls, but they immediately took a dive in the polls with the release of the Manifesto, never pulled out of it, and lost their majority on election day, having to form a coalition with a Northern Ireland party to stay in power. Moving left cost them the election. The two advisers responsible resigned.

      In contrast, a few months later Austria’s traditional center-right Peoples Party took the opposite tack. Its new leader, 28 year old Sebastian Kurz took the party the farthest right it has been since World War II and won a smashing victory. He is the new Chancellor, and the world’s youngest prime minister. The previously governing center-left Social Democrats were pushed into third place, with a party even farther right than the Peoples Party, the Freedom Party, pushing past the Social Democrats to claim second place.

      Wimping out on issues does not win elections.

    4. Here is an even better example of how conservatives run better by standing firm on principle than being wimps, and it ties to this very “climate change” issue. That is comparing Australia’s parliamentary elections of 2013 and 2016.

      In 2013, the opposition conservative coalition defeated the sitting Labour government by the biggest landslide in recent memory. They did so by running a hard charging no-holds-barred conservative stalwart, Tony Abbott, for Prime Minister Abbott was openly skeptical on “climate change” and made a major issue of repealing Labour’s carbon tax. Running a strong conservative on strong policy issues gave the center-right coalition its biggest majority in modern Australian politics. Abbott’s other big issue besides repeal of the carbon tax was getting very tough on illegal immigration.

      Prior to the 2016 election, an internal party coup within the coalition replaced Abbott with moderate Malcolm Turnbull, and the verdict of the voters on his leadership was very different. Instead of the landslide that Abbott’s leadership produced, Turnbull barely hung on to a majority by the exact number of seats needed for a majority. Turnbull believes in the Paris Climate Accords, and his support of them has given Australia high electric rates. The polls are showing that Turnbull would lose an election if it were held today.

      There is currently a large group within the coalition, with which Abbott is working, to dump the loser Turnbull and go back to an Abbott-style leader. The wedge issue they are primarily using is dumping expensive and unreliable wind and solar electric generation that is costing voters a bundle in the pocketbook.

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