#FreeBobLee: Twitter censorship hits close to home

Haymaker fans from the Raleigh area may be familiar with blogger BobLee .  You may recall the trouble he and his partner-in-crime AgentPierce stirred up on the N&O’s comment section back-in-the-day.

BL is a friend of The Haymaker.  We link to his stuff on our blogroll.  We were surprised to hear this morning that the national controversy around Twitter suspending right-leaning accounts had touched down within the borders of our fine state.

Here’s what BL shared with me, and a few select others this morning:

I am still scratching my head trying to figure out HOW that tweet “promotes violence”, “threatens” or harasses ANY of those protected classes of people.
You can still see the tweets in BobLee’s account.  But BL confirms that he cannot share anything or post anything new until at least this evening.

BobLee has some distinguished company.  The director of the Ron Paul Institute and the editor of Antiwar.com have also been hit with a similar penalty.

(Meanwhile, “Calvin pi**ing” is alive and well on  Twitter.   As is “Calypso Louie” Farrakhan and his rants about “The Satanic Jew.” And let’s not forget the lunacy of all kinds of local chapters of the violent, radical antifa movement.)

Is this a Bunker Hill moment for free speech in America?

9 thoughts on “#FreeBobLee: Twitter censorship hits close to home

  1. Twitter, Facebook and their ilk seem to be channeling Josef Goebbels these days. They are far left fascists.

    There is a free speech alternative to Facebook. It is http://www.mewe.com

    Hopefully there will soon be one to Twitter as well.

  2. “Is this a Bunker Hill moment for free speech in America?”

    Yes. I believe it is. The self supposed tolerant left will no longer tolerate us.

  3. as conservative if you have not been sent to #FacebookJail or banned from Twitter or de-friend by elected state republican party official you must not be doing something right

  4. Time for a RICO Law Suit.
    RICO – Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations ACT.
    This is not a free speech matter! It is restriction of free speech!
    Antithetical to Free Speech! Therefore, in violation of the 1st Amendment.

    1. well if you are not already following it you should follow the lawsuit between PragerU and Google/YouTube for the action of having PragerU’s videos restricted

      Also the story by Steven Crowder you can find online were Twitter reached out to get Crowder for him to advertise he finally gave in and Twitter made ads then they ran the ads a twitter employee made and then deemed them offensive and removed the ads

    2. I did not realize that Twitter was a branch of government, to which the First Amendment applied. Enlighten me, please.

  5. We all know where this is headed, right? We can already see it coming! We will have to choose between NO control of content by the social media giants, or THEY control what THEY decide THEY object to.

    I’ll take NO CONTROL by the Twitter Twits, et al. Just keep the bots out!

  6. Maybe he is being banned for harassing clowns? If I were a clown I would be offended to be put into the same category as those other folks.

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