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Deep Thoughts. On blackface.

  I have what you might call an off-color, politically-incorrect sense of humor.  Lots of other folks do, too.  We used to, in this country, be able to laugh at each other without the jack-booted PC thugs kicking in your door and destroying your life…

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#FreeBobLee: Twitter censorship hits close to home

Haymaker fans from the Raleigh area may be familiar with blogger BobLee .  You may recall the trouble he and his partner-in-crime AgentPierce stirred up on the N&O’s comment section back-in-the-day. BL is a friend of The Haymaker.  We link to his stuff on our blogroll….

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Tillis fan seeks Haymaker removal from FACEBOOK !!!!

Yep. BE-lieve it or NOT:   Fascism at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.  I quote the man’s own words he spoke to the driveby media — even linking to them — and offer my critique of his comments. Instead of submitting a comment at the…

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Monkey Business Report: Facebook & conservatives

For a while, I had thought some monkey business was going on.  Strange things were happening at the Haymaker’s Facebook page.  We were being blocked from posting new items.  Bizarre pictures we didn’t select were being paired with our posts.  Recently, readers have told us…