Tillis fan seeks Haymaker removal from FACEBOOK !!!!

Yep. BE-lieve it or NOT:


Fascism at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.  I quote the man’s own words he spoke to the driveby media — even linking to them — and offer my critique of his comments. Instead of submitting a comment at the end of the post, like most people would, this Tatro guy starts a campaign to have us banned from Facebook.

We’re all about free debate of the issues here.

I don’t ban you from commenting just because you disagree with me.  You get blocked when you are profane, too personal, threatening or abusive, or when you spam us with stuff that has little to nothing to do with the post above the comment section.  

There is a serious disconnect between what Thom Tillis says and what he does.  He does appear to be out for himself and his wallet.  That’s fine in the private sector, but not in government service. 

11 thoughts on “Tillis fan seeks Haymaker removal from FACEBOOK !!!!

    1. Not to my knowledge. Sometimes people hit me with different aliases. I’ve sent a number of people packing who don’t know how to conduct themselves properly.

      1. He just blocked me on Facebook when I challenged him to write an article to prove where you are wrong….. I guess he did not want others to see that comment when it started getting LIKE’s so Click Block now that is intellectual honesty from someone calling names

    1. Lets be Honest NC — Tillis and Burr have lower scores than Mitch McConnell……. what worse than Mitch that must be fake news….. really these two that are hero’s to some are NO Mike Lee or Ted Cruz ……. I hope to be a Lee or Cruz republican and that means Conservative before Republican

      1. But maybe he should be maybe our F rated senator will see this article and hire him. Well to be honest NC has two F rated senators so that might double his chances of job offers

  1. Why are conservatives not taking back NCGOP? Where is the VIABLE conservative to run against Thom? WE actually need to take a page out of the Democrat’s playbook … never rest, chip away, win bit by but. We need succinct, charismatic leaders/candidates who will take a wrecking ball to the institutionalized establishment. Where are they???

    1. I can think of several congressional districts where regime change is afoot, come the new year. Hopefully more, but that’s a start.

      As for the Primary Republican voters who fell all over themselves to send Tillis (and Burr) to DC, they’re as low information as any other kind of voter.

  2. Abortion, homosexuality and pornography are ingrained into our culture. The lack of pulpit preaching and street corner preaching about the large moral issues makes the bank robber and crooked politician look like naughty choir boys.

    The tea party also avoids such “social” issues. I pulled the Republican lever for years and felt that was the most excellent behavior possible. Such blindness gives Burr and Tillis a free pass.

    If you will try dealing with political corruption or unlawful conduct from the pulpit, you will see why most preachers take the low, wide and smooth road. (Matthew 7:13)

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