#ncga: “court-packing”, flood-relievin’ and the return of BIG WORM

Yessirree.  The,um, honorables are back. And they WANT your wallets.

I heard all this talk during the campaign about how all of this flood relief money was already appropriated and waiting to be spent.  I also heard a bunch of federal money has already been secured for flood relief.  So, what ARE we really doing back here so soon?  (Solar, perhaps?)

The Round Rev thinks he has the answer.  Those tricky Republicans are up to some court-packin’.  (He worked hard to sneak that Floyd-the-barber-lookin’ brother onto the Supreme Court, and he is NOT about to let the honkies throw a monkey wrench into his efforts.)  Never mind that the state constitution allows the legislature to expand the Supreme Court by up to TWO seats.  Never mind that the Democrats screwed around with the makeup of state courts in 2000 — with the approval of then-rookie AG Roy Cooper and without any uproar from the faux news driveby media or assorted lesbian “preachers”, drum circle performers, and women’s lit adjuncts profs we hear caterwauling from the House balcony these days. 

Oh, I have to give a shout-out to a loyal reader for his discovery of The Round Rev’s former career in Hollywood.  Specifically, his cameo in the 1995 hit film “Friday,” starring Chris Tucker and Ice Cube.  I got talked into watching this masterpiece — which is quite funny, by the way.  Mr. Tucker and Mr. Cube express their concerns early on in the film about the impending arrival of one Mr. Big Worm.   Finally, Big Worm appears on screen, and I could swear it was The Round Rev himself rolling up to holla about Medicaid, HB2, and the damn Republicans. The resemblance is UN-CANNY.   

No wonder TRR handles himself on-camera so well.  He’s had BIG TIME practice back in the day.