Dr. groups ask AG Garland, DOJ to’investigate’ critics of child sex-change ops


As we’ve learned in the aftermath of January 6, the word ‘investigate’ has been reinterpreted by the Biden Administration to mean “send a SWAT team to kick down the door and use concussion grenades.”

There’s been a lot of talk lately involving pediatric ‘gender-affirmation’ practices at medical facilities around the country.  The DailyWire uncovered creepy stuff at Vanderbilt’s hospital. Locally, we’ve talked about UNC-Chapel Hill.  Education First NC has called out East Carolina University.  This stuff is newsworthy because not many people realized our tax dollars were being used to fund sex change procedures on patients as young as FOUR. 

How has the medical community responded to these exercises of The First Amendment?  A number of leading national groups —  The American Academy of Pediatrics, The American Medical Association, and The Children’s Hospital Association are calling on Biden attorney general Merrick Garland to “investigate and prosecute” people for daring to publicize this stuff.  They claim — apparently with straight faces — that this kind of reporting has provoked violence against facilities that practice sex-change procedures on kids:

Not long ago, you had educrats trying to get Garland to “investigate” parents at school board meetings.

It’s all the same playbook.  Intimidate the little people asking too many questions into BACKING OFF.

My goal is to encourage people to (1) persuade political leaders to do the right thing, or (2) vote out bad legislators.  Neither I nor this site condone any kind of violence or other criminal activity against the subjects of our reporting / critiques. 

Ah, the old “disinformation” canard.  It’s the excuse social media has used to censor and ban conservatives.  ABC, CBS, NBC, The N&O, and CNN have been spewing disinformation at us for decades upon decades.  I don’t hear calls for federal investigations there.  Those outlets have First Amendment rights.  We have the right to cancel subscriptions or change channels.

I don’t know of anyone “coordinating”  “attacks” on health care facilities.  Frankly, I haven’t seen or heard anything like that on the drive-by media.   Ever since the Reichstag Fire of 1933,  authoritarians have used exaggerated or false claims of impending violence to justify even further authoritarian action.  I seriously doubt any of this stuff they’re alleging in the letter iis actually happening — especially on the scale they’re alleging.

All we’ve done, all I’ve seen anyone else do,  is quote directly from the medical entities’ websites.

The DC Establishment and the Democrats are trying to Reichstag-Fire the January 6th protests at The Capitol.  They’re pushing through changes in the way we choose a president that have worked well for the entire life of our country.

While bail reform is releasing violent criminals back on the street before arresting cops can complete their paperwork, Trump supporters are being thrown into jail (solitary confinement) for indefinite periods of time.

Residential doors are being kicked in. Homes are being smoke-bombed and peppered with concussion grenades.

The drive-by media is under their control — a whipped puppy, or possibly willing accomplices.  Blog are harder to control, and that frustrates the hell out of them.

Heck, I’ve even had bureaucrats openly discussing methods for SHUTTING DOWN this very site. Not rebutting, but shutting it down.  

Our job, apparently, is to keep forking over our money to them and don’t say a word about how they use it.

Big Brother is INDEED watching.