Monkey Business Report: Facebook & conservatives

monkeyFor a while, I had thought some monkey business was going on.  Strange things were happening at the Haymaker’s Facebook page.  We were being blocked from posting new items.  Bizarre pictures we didn’t select were being paired with our posts.  Recently, readers have told us they are suddenly limited as to WHERE they can share our material (only on their personal walls, not to other groups on Facebook).

Now comes word that Facebook has been censoring conservative-leaning news on their popular newsfeed.   Anti-amnesty activists are complaining that their information is being screwed with in Facebook World.   Now comes word — from the Media Research Center — that Facebook has been cracking down on conservative individuals.

Facebook IS a private company.  They can do what they want.  But they portray themselves as a purveyor of free speech and openness.  Much like the shameful and deceitful drivebys do.  facebook-censored-575x382

While our side has Rush, Hannity, Fox News and The Haymaker, their side pretty much has the controlling interest in the education, news, and entertainment sectors of our society.  They are in a position to fundamentally change this country and alter public perception on many things.

I am all for diversity of thought.  I welcome liberals posting here — as long as they can keep it clean and non-slanderous.  (We’ve found a grand total of TWO who can actually do that.)   You learn by reading, watching and hearing things you agree with AND those things you disagree with. 

fakebook1I frequently check in at BlueNC and at NC Policy Watch to see what those critters are up to.  My job is NOT to shut them up, but to demonstrate that their rhetoric is NOT the gospel truth and that there IS another side.  Far too many leftists — and some on our side — are way too eager to shut up and shut down anyone who dares to disagree with them.

So, what’s the answer? Boycott Facebook?  Nope.  Just recognize that you are dealing with people who are hostile to you.  Standing within their realm and showing the colors does more for our movement than you might realize.  We might convert some folks.  But, for the most part, we’re going to really tick off — just by existing and taking in oxygen — a bunch of commies.  And that is always sooooooooo much fun. 

5 thoughts on “Monkey Business Report: Facebook & conservatives

  1. I used to go to the NC Policy Watch fairly too. They are quite hostile when you present a different view, especially if it is logical and well thought out. They have some paid posters who insult you when you comment something outside the hard leftists, they magically disappear if you just lurk and do not comment as there is little activity over there otherwise. I pretty much stopped going when Scowlfield emailed me that “I” was the one being hostile…even though I was the one being called the crude names.

  2. The Beaufort Observer is reporting that it is happening to them as well:

    This looks like well orchestrated censorship of conservatives. What is really bad is that some conservative sites like the Washington Examiner and The Resurgent do not let readers comment on their articles except via Facebook. That is a betrayal of conservatives.

    We all need to avoid using Farcebook as much as we can. Hopefully someone will set up a rival that respects free speech, unlike the Goebbels-inspired clowns at Farcebook.

  3. “Just recognize that you are dealing with people who are hostile to you.”

    I think that’s an important point that often gets glossed over. Once you figure out that a particular tiger has particular stripes, then you no longer need to be surprised and taken aback when that tiger acts like a tiger. (to completely ruin a cliche). 🙂

    Look at FB’s leadership and corporate culture… that’s who they are, and that creeps into what they do and how they act when they think no one’s watching.

    I’ve had no interest in doing anything with my Facebook account for a long, long time now, but I’m not surprised about what they were doing, and I’m glad they’re getting blowback from it.

  4. I’ve always thought that Facebook is terrible, for any number of reasons. I am not a member, and have no plans to join.

    Allowing a private corporation funded by Goldman Sachs and the Russian mob to profit off your social interactions and decide what news is worthy of your attention? What could possibly go wrong?

    I don’t doubt that this censoring of conservative news stories has been happening, but there have been allegations over the years of FB censoring hard left causes, as well. It’s a general dumbing-down of American political discourse, trying to funnel everyone into the mushy middle.

    Thanks, BTW, for being one of the shrinking number of comment sites that don’t require a Facebook membership to participate.

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