Twitter Jail turns down our appeal.

It looks like our relationship with Twitter has come to an end.


We posted earlier about our being locked out due to “violations of Twitter Rules.”  We appealed, asking for clarification on which rules we violated. The above was the response we got.  No clarification, but we did get a link detailing all of the “Twitter Rules.”

Here they are:

We didn’t do ANY of that.  Here’s more:

We didn’t do ANY of that either.  MORE:

None of that, either. MORE:

Nope. None of that. MORE:


And none of THAT.  Here is the option they left us if we still want to play in their  Orwellian environment.

That’s a hard pass from us. I still don’t know specifically what we did wrong.

But throwing us in Twitter Jail for daring to retweet that “The FBI needs to place a higher priority on TransTerrorism” in the wake of the Nashville school shooting and the nationally-marketed Tranny “Day of Vengeance” ?  I’ve seen ALL of George Carlin’s Seven Dirty Words multiple times in multiple posts on Twitter.   And we get Twitter Jail for urging the FBI to take more interest in a certain type of crime. 

So,  adios Twitterverse.  We’re moving on.

If you’ve been following The Haymaker on Twitter, THIS is why we are not updating content there.  (We can’t get to DMs on Twitter either.)

We’re still up (for now) on Facebook, Gab, Gettr and Truth.  You can follow us there and DM us there.  Or you can go directly to the site and communicate with us from there.

So, the next time you’re thinking, or uttering: “F— Joe Biden,’‘  be sure to throw in a “F— Twitter” or “F— Elon Musk” for us.