Banished to Twitter jail!

I’ve  heard about this type of thing, but have never had the privilege of being a victim – until now.  I thought the purchase of Twitter by Mr. Musk – Mister Free Speech Absolutist – would put an end to it.  I was clearly wrong.

Yes, our Twitter account is locked for allegedly violating one of Twitter’s rules.  Here’s what we got:


I’ve seen a whole lot more bawdy and / or radical stuff on Twitter than THIS.  Surely, they are not serious on this one.

We’ve seen  stuff about a national ‘Transgender Day of Vengeance.’  In light of that, and the Nashville shooting,  we thought it was a good point to direct the FBI’s attention to the situation.

Unless we click Remove and ‘disappear’ this retweet, or win our appeal, The Haymaker will be banned from participating in Twitter World. 


To everyone who thought we’d won a major Free Speech victory with the ascension of ol’ Elon at Twitter HQ:  Think Again. 

If you have a Twitter account and are a fan, do us a favor by speaking up and out about this farce.  #FreeTheDailyHaymaker       #Free_tdh_in_nc

C’mon, Mr. Musk.  You’re better than this.