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LGBTQXYZ-ing our military

God forbid one of our service members hurts the feelings of our nation’s enemies.  The authoritarian effort to scrub everything and anything masculine out of education has moved on to our nation’s military.  We told you earlier about the drag queen who performs show tunes…

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The REAL Helms legacy

Jesse Helms was arguably the man who made being conservative AND Republican cool in North Carolina.  His televised editorials opened a ton of eyes and stimulated a lot of deep thinking among the North Carolina electorate.  He helped set the tone that led to the…

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@UNC, #1A is OK as long as you agree 100% with the leftist mob

Plenty of people will argue that the First Amendment is a wonderful thing.  Diversity of opinion.  Government subsidies of crucifixes in jars of urine.  But just wait until you try and object to the majority view of the people in power in a particular locale….

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#ncga: The tuition may be $teep, but the speech will be FREE.

So sayeth the honorables on Jones Street: […] The bill has been championed by Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Forest and Republican lawmakers. It would require the UNC Board of Governors to establish a Committee on Free Expression to report annually on university barriers to free…

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The left comes full circle with an iron fist on free speech

During The Cold War, leftists rolled their eyes at us when we talked of the horrors perpetrated by The Communist Party.  Fast forward to today.  Cold War and KGB relic Vladimir Putin oversees the deployment of some anti-gay laws, and the left goes bat-$#@t crazy….

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Fascism’s creep picks up speed

We get a lot of lip service from lefties about the importance of respecting minorities and the minority opinion.  But, when they are in charge, just try to question their motives or object to their agenda.  You’ll get a good look at the underside of…

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Bob Rucho, Duck Dynasty & the fascist speech police

I try to avoid the whole TMZ-reality show-Kardashian worship thing.  But the recent crack-down on comments that “offend” certain approved victim groups has dragged me in.   Lefties like to lecture us about freedom of speech, freedom of speech, freedom of choice, etc. etc ad…

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Free speech in its death throes in Chapel Hill

I worked on Capitol Hill for the late Senator Jesse Helms during his early-90s campaign to defund The National Endowment For The Arts.  Leftists lashed out at him claiming that cutting off government funding to these “artists’ was equivalent to stomping out their First Amendment…