@UNC, #1A is OK as long as you agree 100% with the leftist mob

Plenty of people will argue that the First Amendment is a wonderful thing.  Diversity of opinion.  Government subsidies of crucifixes in jars of urine. 

But just wait until you try and object to the majority view of the people in power in a particular locale.  Liberals like to beat us over the head about the McCarthy era.  *What’s the harm in a bunch of academics, actors, and bureaucrats signing up for The Communist Party?*

To this very day, North Carolina liberals celebrate the 1968 fall of the speaker ban on UNC campuses.  *It’s just not right to deny alternative points of view to our young skulls full of mush.*

Taking in all the rhetoric from that historical benchmark, you’d think North Carolina campuses would be oases of free speech.  

Just the other day, UNC Chancellor Carol Folt shut down a proposed speech by someone named Richard Spencer — who reportedly was involved in the recent unpleasantness in Charlottesville:

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill denied a request by white nationalist Richard Spencer to speak on campus, the latest public university to turn down his National Policy Institute after violence at the University of Virginia.

Earlier this month, Spencer led hundreds of torch-carrying white nationalists and white supremacists on a march through U-Va.’s campus in Charlottesville, where they shouted slurs and racist chants and scuffled with a small group of counterprotesters. The next day, at a separate rally to which Spencer had been invited, the conflict turned deadly. A woman was killed and many were injured when a driver rammed a car into a crowd of counterprotesters. Two police officers died when their helicopter crashed.

Since then, several public universities have denied Spencer’s request to speak on campus, saying they are committed to free speech but are worried that such an event would pose an imminent threat to campus safety.

Banning events from campus out of fear that the leftists might riot?  How dangerous is THAT?

I had never heard of Spencer until the run-up to Charlottesville.  I noticed some mocking of him on Twitter a few days before things blew up on the Virginia campus.

(I do know he didn’t cause that mayhem all by himself, though.)


[…]“I am deeply saddened and disturbed that the violent and virulent rhetoric being espoused by extremist groups has jeopardized the ability of campuses to promote robust dialogue and debate about important issues while ensuring public safety,” said Carol L. Folt, UNC’s chancellor.

Spencer did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday, but when asked about a similar decision last week, he said public universities were on shaky legal ground when they use a “heckler’s veto,” citing safety concerns to suppress free speech. He has also said universities are places for challenging ideas and national conversations.[…]

So — if people aren’t likely to riot against you — you’re OK to meet and speak on campus?  There goes the UNC Board of Governors.  Remember the time leftists stormed and shut down an on-campus meeting of that august body? 

That is not the only example of lefty speech police clamping down on conservatives at Carolina.  They shouted down and shut down speeches by conservative immigration critics Virgil Goode and Tom Tancredo.  The UNC College Republicans got their speaker budget cut by 75 percent and the liberal mob bent over backwards to block a speech by Ann Coulter.

I hate that Carol Folt and her goons have me on the same side of a debate as this Spencer clown.  But, in this case, he’s right.

Universities ARE supposed to be the #1 place for the peaceful, free exchange of thoughts and ideas.  Let the guy speak.  He may have two people show up.  He may have 200 in the audience. Let the guy defend his views in debate with students.

It is the job of Carol Folt, the UNC authorities, Roy Cooper and the state of North Carolina to do the utmost to protect the safety of all visitors, residents, employees, and students of the state’s campuses.

It doesn’t say much for leftists that their #1 response to someone they disagree with is to break stuff and fight.

The First Amendment is hauled out frequently to defend the continued subsidy of Gene Nichol — whose only job appears to be penning nasty op-eds bashing the Republicans who fund the university.

It’s a proven fact that College Republicans are less likely to riot than the Bernie Sanders fan club or Antifa are.  Carol and her comrades are taking the “easy” route by only allowing folks who don’t stir Antifa’s juices. That “easy” route evokes some frightening possibilities for the future of this state and country. 

9 thoughts on “@UNC, #1A is OK as long as you agree 100% with the leftist mob

  1. Living in Chapel Hill, I watch the ongoing clown show at UNC daily. The university administration is so leftwing that conservatism or any non-leftist view is unwelcome on campus or in the faculty. The Republican Board of Governors is a total joke. The Republican UNC-CH trustees are an even bigger joke. If the voters of this state, especially the GOP voters, knew how the NC Republican General Assembly was not only allowing, but promoting the radical UNC establishment, it would be all over for the NC GOP. Sadly, I have to watch this GOP train wreck everyday in Chapel Hill. A tragedy.

  2. It was great that the “Republican” board of governors appointed Bonnie Schafer this year to the App State Board of Trustees. For those who don’t know her “Consevative” credientials she is the ultra liberal who held a fundraiser at her spa for Hillary Clinton and was appointed to the DNC platform committee where she advocated banning all guns. What an inspired pick. She gave millions to App State to rename the local auditorium stripping the name of a local family. Money can buy seats at the board of trustees evidently.

  3. The NC (and US) Republican majorities have been disappointing in so many ways. Nowhere is it more evident than in the NC Republican Board of Governors.

  4. To Mountain Conservative: I’m more familiar with the corruption in Chapel Hill than at App State, but what you just revealed about Bonnie Schafer just demonstrates how corrupt the NC legislative leadership and the GOP Board of Governors have become. The entire BOG should be fired and the GOP legislative leaders should resign their posts. No wonder App State is becoming more and more leftist with each passing year.

  5. If you really want to turn North Carolina deep dark blue, just put liberal RINO Republicans in charge. Conservatives deliver the votes, but then the RINOs betray us. The best example of this is probably the disastrous UNC Board of Governors. There needs to be an uprising in the NC GOP to have every single BOG member dismissed and all new appointments made. The RINOs on the BOG are determined to allow the UNC radical leftists to destroy all that is good about our valued Tarheel traditions. Where is the conservative educational reforms we were promised by GOP legislative leaders?

  6. I have even more bad news about Bonnie Schaefer’s appointment to the ASU board of trustees by our “Republican” Board of Governors. In addition to raising big bucks for Hillary Clinton, she has raised and contributed huge amounts for Democrat campaigns. In addition to calling for the end of private ownership of firearms, she is also an activist for lesbian and radical causes. She is married to a woman and Schaefer’s mentor is Gloria Steinem. Under GOP legislative and BOG control, ASU has been trending steadily leftward. The RINOs installed a very liberal chancellor. No doubt now it will move left at breakneck speed with Schaefer telling the ASU RINO trustees what to do. What has happened at ASU is a tragedy of immense proportions. No wonder once solid red Watauga County is turning increasingly blue with each succeeding election. Loyal Republicans and conservatives up here in the high country are stunned by this appointment. We have been totally betrayed by the crooked western NC RINO legislators in Raleigh and the worthless RINO Board of Governors. Thanks for nothing.

  7. The NC GOPe appears to have earmarked education as a Leftist ‘free fire zone’, They appoint post-modern elites to assimilate our children into the ranks of AntiFA and produce worthless Snowflakes.
    How about making our long-suffering / corrupted / toxic education system, from K thru 16 a major focus for repair? Will Dan Forrest head that up? Sen. Tillman shied away from this important flaw. Will Jamie Boles publicly acknowledge this functional failing in government, support Dan and recruit others in the NCGA to do so? No topic better defines the Republican Party in its struggle to shed the toxic GOPe.

  8. Bonnie Schaefer’s appointment to the ASU board of trustees by the UNC Board of Governors is a real slap in the face to Republicans in Western NC. Where is Senator Ralph Hise and Representative Jonathan Jordan—why aren’t they demanding that the BOG rescind this appointment? How can they remain silent? This is probably one of the most radical leftist politicians in the entire country. She is Wasserman Schultz’s best friend. She has given huge amounts to leftist and Democrat Party causes. This is the final straw for many of us in western North Carolina.

  9. Interesting that neither Senator Hise nor Representative Jordan has said a word on the mind-dumbing Bonnie Schaefer appointment to the ASU board of trustees by our “Republican” Board of Governors. They claim to stand firm for our High Country conservative ideals, but they have not condemned this appointment or asked the BOG to rescind it. Real profiles in courage.

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