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A dingbat apologizes for history.

Leftists are great at apologizing for — and demanding apologies for — stuff that neither we nor they had anything to do with.  Here comes one more giving it the ol’ college try: On the University of North Carolina’s 225th birthday Friday, Chancellor Carol Folt…

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UNC: Forums on whether to repair vandalism

That’s what the gutless administration in Chapel Hill has planned regarding Silent Sam.  The drum-circle-statue-toppling-face-mask-wearing crowd will show up in full-intimidation mode.  The sane, sensible people will hide in the back of the room quietly or avoid it altogether.  Who wants to get beat up…

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@UNC, #1A is OK as long as you agree 100% with the leftist mob

Plenty of people will argue that the First Amendment is a wonderful thing.  Diversity of opinion.  Government subsidies of crucifixes in jars of urine.  But just wait until you try and object to the majority view of the people in power in a particular locale….