UNC: Forums on whether to repair vandalism

That’s what the gutless administration in Chapel Hill has planned regarding Silent Sam.  The drum-circle-statue-toppling-face-mask-wearing crowd will show up in full-intimidation mode.  The sane, sensible people will hide in the back of the room quietly or avoid it altogether.  Who wants to get beat up by a filthy leftist mob?

This has the potential to set a very dangerous precendent.  See something in public that really ticks you off?  Get some of your comrades together and break it. 

Heck, it’s working for the Silent Sam mob.  Maybe it will work when you decide to trash that atrocious taxpayer-funded spectacle that passes for modern art on display in your town’s park. 

Also, will this be standard procedure for any and all acts of vandalism on the UNC campus?  Being a college campus — especially one so overrun with leftist sleaze — it likely has more than its fair share of vandalism incidents.  *All in favor of fixing THIS window?  Say ‘aye.’ *

 *All in favor of repairing, restocking and reinstalling this trashed condom dispenser? Raise your hands.*

Public forums are great ways for people paid big bucks to make tough decisions to avoid having their fingerprints on tough decisions.

You can look back ar Rudy  Giuliani’s ‘broken windows’ theory of law enforcement in NYC.  He believed that if you give an inch — letting relatively little things slide — the bad guys will take a mile (move on to bigger and more destructive things).

16 thoughts on “UNC: Forums on whether to repair vandalism

  1. At UNCCH a mini-mob of several dozen human hairballs sends the Admins into apoplexy regardless of their “cause”.

    95% of students are more concerned with their dorm roommate’s persona hygiene… despite how “the media” frames it.

  2. What is happening at UNC is a tragedy of biblical proportions for NC higher education. The leftist Carol Folt is doing everything in her power to stir up hate and chaos toward anything conservative. Silent Sam is just her most visible victim. The Republican UNC-CH trustees are afraid of her–presumably because she can deny them nice seats and food and drink at Kenan Stadium on football Saturdays. Radicals have free entry onto the campus and are ensconced in the faculty. The Republican BOG members, along with the trustees, are seemingly paralyzed and unable to do anything to restore the school’s reputation. UNC alumni are totally fed-up with this situation. The legislature should remove all the BOG members and trustees and replace them with some principled people.

    1. This carpetbagger witch needs to be told to pack her broom and fly back to yankeeland where she belongs.

  3. The little pissants who attacked Silent Sam apparently know nothing about American history. In 1860, everyone in the USA, including Lincoln, believed Africans to be an inferior race. The Yankees were the ones who took 4.5 million Africans from Africa to the USA and Brazil and the Caribbean. It sad to see birdbrains like these unc students stupidly think they are are somehow noble in attacking statues which can’t fight back.

  4. Letting thugs and bullies get their way only encourages more thuggery and bullying. This woman is utterly unfit to supervise a garbage truck, much less a university.

    It also suggests that she may have colluded in the toppling of Silent Sam. Was she the one who ordered a police stand down? If so, she should be summarily fired and charged as an accessory to the vandalism. She should be polygraphed as to her role in that, as a condition of her job.

  5. How much longer must we wait before Carol Folt and her entire incompetent staff are sent packing? She is destroying UNC.

  6. One has to wonder, where is any leadership being exhibited at any level? The jury of regular folks is in: No confidence.

  7. It seems to me that Senator Thom Goolsby is the only UNC official standing up for the rule of law and speaking out against the radical leftist danger confronting the school. It’s a shame that more UNC officials won’t join Goolsby in fighting to restore the reputation of this once-great university.

    1. The sad thing is that Tilli$ and probably Timmy sold seats on university boards rather than sent in people who were solid philosophically. That is a disgrace.

  8. One thing is for sure—Thom Goolsby cannot be bought off by anybody! Would that every UNC official displayed his courage and integrity.

  9. I heard on Glenn Beck’s radio program that some on the state school board in Texas are demanding that 7th graders not be taught that the defenders of the Alamo were heroes. What? Do these morons think the dictator and butcher Santa Ana was the hero?

    Will the leftist scum be pulling down statues of Sam Houston and Davy Crockett and Colonel Travis next?

    All I’ve got to say is REMEMBER THE ALAMO!

  10. Why won’t anyone put a stop to leftist Carol Folt’s slimy efforts to create chaos on the UNC campus? If UNC trustees won’t act, can the legislature step in? Under state law, the legislature is ultimately responsible for the well-being of the UNC system. Can’t they see that Folt is destroying the reputation of the campus?

  11. The UNC-CH Board of Trustees is totally dysfunctional. Virtually all of them were appointed by McCrory and the RINO-controlled UNC Board of Governors. They do not have the stomach to rein in Carol Folt; in fact, they are probably afraid of her. All of the trustees are feckless RINO Republicans and they will sit back and allow Folt to destroy the reputation of UNC. It is my understanding that the Board of Governors could dismiss the UNC trustee board, but I doubt they have the courage to do that either. It just goes to prove that Republicans have never figured out how to appoint people who know how to get the job done. That’s why UNC is in such a mess now.

    1. McCrory made a whole lot of bad appointments to full time policy making positions as well as boards and commissions. That is why he is totally unacceptable as GOP nominee for governor or for anything ever again.

      Run, Forest, Run!

  12. The McCrory-Stith administration was such a disaster that McCrory will never be taken seriously again by anybody. He couldn’t beat himself in an election.

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