UNC: Forums on whether to repair vandalism

That’s what the gutless administration in Chapel Hill has planned regarding Silent Sam.  The drum-circle-statue-toppling-face-mask-wearing crowd will show up in full-intimidation mode.  The sane, sensible people will hide in the back of the room quietly or avoid it altogether.  Who wants to get beat up by a filthy leftist mob?

This has the potential to set a very dangerous precendent.  See something in public that really ticks you off?  Get some of your comrades together and break it. 

Heck, it’s working for the Silent Sam mob.  Maybe it will work when you decide to trash that atrocious taxpayer-funded spectacle that passes for modern art on display in your town’s park. 

Also, will this be standard procedure for any and all acts of vandalism on the UNC campus?  Being a college campus — especially one so overrun with leftist sleaze — it likely has more than its fair share of vandalism incidents.  *All in favor of fixing THIS window?  Say ‘aye.’ *

 *All in favor of repairing, restocking and reinstalling this trashed condom dispenser? Raise your hands.*

Public forums are great ways for people paid big bucks to make tough decisions to avoid having their fingerprints on tough decisions.

You can look back ar Rudy  Giuliani’s ‘broken windows’ theory of law enforcement in NYC.  He believed that if you give an inch — letting relatively little things slide — the bad guys will take a mile (move on to bigger and more destructive things).