#ncga: Bob Steinburg, Dem senator give big wet kiss to Big Solar

While on this very site claiming he’s a free-market capitalist NOT in the clutches of the solar goons, The Elizabeth City Daily Advance was publishing a piece co-authored by Rep. Bob Steinburg and Democrat senator Erica Smith-Ingram (Bill Cook’s soon-to-be-senator) suggesting otherwise:

It is the reality of the world in which we live — Republicans and Democrats in the N.C. General Assembly are often divided on complex social and economic issues. However, over 80 percent of legislation, including energy-related bills, are passed with strong bi-partisan support.

True, there have been some contentious debates over the right path for expanding the renewable energy economy in North Carolina, but earlier this summer it appeared as though we had turned a corner in building consensus on prioritizing renewable energy as an economic driver in our state. The N.C. House voted 108-11 to pass an energy bill that had been hammered out over the course of a year.

Before the vote, more than 30 meetings were held with a diverse set of energy stakeholders that included utilities, the renewable energy industry, environmental groups and customer advocates.These groups don’t often collaborate. But it happened here, and we were hopeful that North Carolina would continue to be recognized for its leadership in making renewable energy projects a reality.

These investments and the jobs they create are urgently needed, especially in the rural areas across North Carolina. According to a recent report prepared by RTI International, renewable energy projects have been responsible for nearly $800 million in major investments in the counties that we represent, where unemployment remains stubbornly high.

Solar and wind energy have provided one of the few economic bright spots in our corner of the state that is too often ignored by the private businesses that power our state’s economy, as well as by many policymakers who help guide it.

In the end, after contentious negotiations and compromise, the bill that Gov. Roy Cooper signed into law included much to celebrate. House Bill 589 modernizes our state’s solar policy and introduces new ways for home and business owners to transform their rooftops into energy generators. But despite our strong opposition, it also placed an unnecessary 18-month moratorium on wind energy development, which jeopardizes up to $1 billion in new investments by two wind projects in some of our most economically distressed counties.

Senators who pushed for the moratorium claimed more study is needed to ensure that wind turbines don’t interfere with military operations. But as one recent newspaper editorial stated, that’s absurd — our military officials already have an extensive and thorough review process to ensure nothing interferes with our valuable military operations, including wind turbines, cell towers, tall buildings or trees.

While we wholeheartedly agree about the importance of the military’s presence in our state, the recently built Amazon Wind Farm U.S. East in Pasquotank and Perquimans counties has shown beyond a doubt the thoroughness and workability of the existing permitting process at the local, state and federal levels.

Further state study on the matter, as required in the legislation, is not needed. Our military and wind projects can co-exist successfully. And as legislators representing eastern North Carolina, we are united in working to keep these two new wind projects on track, so they can receive their final approvals and be built as soon as this ill-conceived moratorium ends.

At this point, you may be asking yourself: Why should I care about renewable energy policy?

In addition to the economic benefits for local communities, the Amazon Wind Farm US East, a $400 million project, is only one example of a
Fortune 500 company making renewable energy investments in our state.

More often, high-tech companies are looking to expand in North Carolina. Before they do, they usually have lots of questions about what kind of energy will run their facilities.

When Google started a $600 million expansion of its Caldwell County data center, it worked with Duke Energy, the N.C. Utilities Commission and other policymakers to devise a way to purchase more of its power from renewable sources. Apple — the most profitable company in the world — has spent tens of millions to build solar projects near its data center in Catawba County.[…]

Let’s look at that Apple data center.  That was a whopping $6.4 million in government giveaways, subsidies and incentives per job created by Apple.  The fifty people hired at the Apple facility will never pay $6.4 million each in taxes.  Sounds like a bad investment for the taxpayers.

And the Google project.  Caldwell County and the city of Lenoir will be giving back 100 percent of property taxes and 80 percent of real estate taxes to Google for 30 years.   Great deal for Google.  For us, though? 

Oh, and I’m also taking issue with the claim that you need renewable energy in order to attract tech jobs.  Here’s a nice article in Entrepreneur magazine about how to make your location more attractive for tech startups.  (Not a word about solar panels or windmills.)


[…] And, it’s not just tech companies. Corporations such as Wal-Mart and General Motors have made public commitments to purchase a majority of their energy from renewable sources.

And while these commitments make for nice headlines, let’s be clear — lower energy costs and increasing their competitive advantage are the primary motivating factors behind these business decisions. Technology advances have rapidly reduced the cost of renewable energy, and as our state competes against the other 49 for business investments, North Carolina should do everything in its power to deliver affordable and cleaner sources of energy to our citizens and businesses.

North Carolinians are rightfully proud of our reputation as a business-friendly state. As renewable energy policy continues to evolve, it will be more important than ever for our colleagues in the General Assembly to ensure our business-friendly reputation stays intact.

Looks like we have two more residents of Jones Street shucking-and-jiving for some of Jay Faison’s money.  Why not some more regulatory and tax reform to make it easier for local folks to start their own businesses?  Why pin your economic hopes on some out-of-state or multinational entity that will pick up and leave us at the drop of a hat for $1 more? 

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  1. Oh no. Another Steinburg story. Here comes the 10 paragraph, conspiracy riddled responses from “Fist Fighting Bob” and that Holly lady. Synchronize your watches. Countdown begins in 3, 2, 1 …..

    1. I was counting down with you. But, it must be difficult, even for two spinning tops, to spin their way out of this.

      1. Not worth it. Only folks like Antifa or the Klan or other cowards would lack the courage to affix their names to their comments. I’m not afraid of them or you.

        1. Ideas and comments stand on their own… there’s no need to attach one’s name, and there are plenty of valid reasons for someone to chose anonymity.

          That’s a weak attempt to discredit someone based on their identity, rather than their actual content.

          1. That is about as lame an answer I have ever heard. What would some of those reasons be, other than not having any guts. I could post anonymously too but what purpose would that serve? Only cowards like you choose to hide under sheets and masks like the Klan and Antifa.

        2. “Not worth it” but became worth it in order to engage in more name calling. Interesting.

          I think the participants of this site are more interested in why a Republican office holder has decided to engage in corporate welfare for this particular industry. It’s kind of reminiscent of actions by the last Democrat U.S. President regarding the same industry.

          1. What would some of the other reasons be?

            – There are a lot of crazy people out on the Internet, and a lot of criminal people out on the Internet. Limiting the online exposure of your personally identifiable information is a wise decision for one’s legal and personal safety.
            – Many people have plenty of personal and professional relationships that have zero to do with politics and would rather keep it that way. I dont need to know that my mailman is an ardent Bernie supporter, or that my plumber supports BLM, or that the guy at Lowes selling my a lawnmower just loves Trump.

            Maybe a person should avoid the possibility of having to worry about whether people in his office or the next hiring manager agree or disagree with his political views.

            It’s the same reason we here in NC always heard about why Michael Jordan stays out of politics –
            “Republicans buy shoes too” – and why it was always a little bit of a letdown to hear Andy Griffith ramble on about how awesome Democrats were.

            The only “coward” I can see is the one here who thinks this weak tea issue avoiding is actually hiding the fact that you’ve offered nothing of substance.

            I’m frankly embarrassed that this is the level of discourse coming from a state representative.

    2. Funny how both are MIA on this one!

      Bob Steinburg is huckstering for the Energy Crooks / Solar Goons in the newspaper Holly says she writes for and neither one seems to want to comment on it.

      I will ask Holly one thing directly. Since she writes for this same newspaper, she should be able to answer. What other issues has Steinburg ever signed his name to a column supporting or opposing in this newspaper? Any at all? A failure to answer will be an answer in itself.

    3. No one MIA. This site has absolutely no credibity with only a handful of posters hiding under sheets making comments. Obviously the Haymaker thinks they have a lot more juice than they do, and they don’t. They appear to be on a mission. Bring it on. The only thing that matters in the end is election results. I’ll stand on my record and am extremely confident it will be enough. I’ve never given to Democrats and have no sexual harassments in my background. I’ll stand against anyone. I’m ready, willing and more than able to debate openly and honestly in any forum where people can no longer hide in anonymity. Looking forward to it with glee.

      1. By answering with bluster and name calling rather than facts and substance, I guess you HAVE answered the question. Shilling for the Energy Crooks must be the ONLY issue you have put your name on in a newspaper column. Right, Bob? Oh, and your ”fighting words” do sound like your past personal history. When you are losing on the facts, you turn to aggression, including personal aggression. Ever wonder why people would not want to be on your enemies list?

        The ”mission” of the Haymaker from everything I have seen over the years is to advance the conservative cause, which is not your mission. You seem more interested in advancing Tom Steyer’s cause. What issue other than the leftwing Energy Crooks scam have you ever put your name on in a newspaper column? I’ll ask that one more time, but I do not really expect a straight answer.

      2. ” The only thing that matters in the end is election results”

        Well, “that’s” telling. Winning elections doesnt make something right. Sometimes it simply means a lot of people are wrong.

        That “record” you stand on seems to be one of Dem-lite pro-big government. including the nonsense regarding propping up the solar industry.

        That’s cool if that’s who you are, but it’s not support for principles of smaller, limited government, free market capitalism, and the individual liberty that goes along with it.

        1. Steingburg still will not answer the question about whether he has put his name on any newspaper columns on any other issues, which speaks volumes that he has NOT. That makes this Steinburg’s big issue, and he is taking a very leftwing position on his big issue.

      3. If this site has no credibility, why are you spending SO much time on it and also trashing it on Facebook? If it is so bad and no one reads it any way, why do you feel the need to disparage the site?

    4. Not worth the time Mr. Hiding under a sheet. You are no different than Antifa or the Klan if you can’t affix who you really are to your posts. I have no fear of them or you.

        1. Many here would love it if Bob would abandon the goons – the Solar Goons. We need more legislislators who will stand up for the taxpayers and electric ratepayeres against the politicians who want to pick out pockets to line the pockets of the Solar Goons, a.k.a Energy Crooks.

      1. Antifa assaults people. The only one on this thread with an actual record of physically assaulting people they disagree with is YOU, Bob! You are the closest thing to Antifa on these boards. You have also been downright aggressive in your comments on these boards.

  2. Renewable energy is an economic driver all right. It drives up electric rates, which will drive companies AWAY from North Carolina to our neighboring states that do not go in for this nonsense. Germany is already finding that out as their electric rates have soared as a result of a mad dash to wind and solar, and companies are starting to move away as a result.

    Our self proclaimed Teddy Roosevelt (progressive big government) Republican Steinburg is teaming up with one of the most hard left members of the General Assembly on this article. I guess it is fitting.

      1. HI WONDER. You are a coward. Only Antifa and the Klan hide under masks and sheets to make comments they are afraid to affix their name to. You don’t have the nuggets to converse with me on this issue face to face, which is really disgusting. My name goes on everything in print.
        I.have no fear of you or your minions and no expectations that you will ever come out of the shadows. If you believe so strongly in.your opinion what are you afraid of? Likely because your opinion is not one that most agree with.

  3. What is not mentioned in this article, but it’s bound to happen, is the opportunity for these “lawmakers” to buy stock in those companies that they know they are going to promote. So it’s a twofer. They get the campaign donations from the solar PACs and they get the insider information to sweeten their portfolio. What a deal!

    Now why we know why all those people want to go to Raleigh and Washington, DC.. It’s sure not for the legal pay.

    1. Excellent, Excellent points. The dirty little secret is how much politicians make through investing in industries they regulate. John McCain and Lindsay Graham. I’m sure there are many others.

    2. I have never or ever would take anything other than my 13,951 salary. Anyone who knows me knows that. Anyone who does has much to fear from me.

  4. Everything just does not add up on this guy Steinburg… He proclaims to be a conservative but then goes and teams up with a Democrat Senator. Of all people he decides to team up with a DEMOCRAT….. Unacceptable. This guy is whacked.

    1. Whacked Mark, Whacked? To hey with bipartisan ship on anything. It’s obvious you are about as naive about politics as a babe in the woods.

  5. The article shows that Steinburg is a major promoter of Big Solar. It is clearly more than just voting for their position. He goes out of his way to promote the most corrupt special interest in North Carolina, one that wants to send our electric bills into the stratosphere so that they can get rich. I doubt Steinburg wrote this article. It was probably written by Big Solar publicists and he was asked to put his name to it and it was likewise with the socialist Democrat whose name is also on it.

    Steinburg has done this before in putting his name on articles promoting Big Solar. He did one, for example, promoting Big Solar’s bill last session that continued a scam that had already cost NC electric ratepayers a billion dollars more than they should have paid for another 30 months. That little detail the writers of the article that Steinburg put his name to did not bother to mention in their screed..

    Steinburg is actively promoting a group that this site calls Solar Goons and Civitas calls Energy Crooks. Other names that apply to their GOP fellow travelers are Obama Republicans, Solyndra Republicans, Tom Steyer Republicans, or Al Gore Republicans.

    This is corporate welfare at its worst, because we have been not only wasting lots of taxpayer money but we also are doing something that will permanently raise the electric rates of our citizens. Steinburg profiteers by getting big donations from his campaign account. It is unknown if Steinburg does what many politicians who support this scheme do and that is have their own personal investments on the side in this scheme they are funneling money into. Thom Tillis clearly played that game, as have many of the local government officials who want to greenlight these scams.

    Pushing this green energy scam will hurt NC’s economic development and the pocketbooks of our citizens. We need to defeat the politicians who are in the pocket of Big Solar. I would love to see someone like AFP blanket their districts with ads telling the public what they are doing to us. The public, given the information can figure this stuff out. Bill Cook had the environmentalists spend a lot of money on expensive TV ads attacking his position on these issues in one of his senate races, and when the public found out from those ads that Cook was on their side against radical environmentalism, it actually helped Cook at the polls instead of hurt him. Steinburg, on the other hand, is holding the short end of the stick on this issue.

    1. No, never work with the other side Mark. Good God No. Just because they have a D after their name, they are automatically evil. Keep talking from the cheap seats whoever you really are.

        1. Yeah, can’t have any of that. Many of you folks seem to be the absolute fringe of our Party. Good luck with that. Have you ever promoted a candidate who has ever won as the ones you oppose seem to march to victory, not surprisingly, quite easily?
          Don’t mention Walter Jones, as he would have won without any help from you. Keep up the good work!

          1. We’re definitely the crazy fringe. We must be, in order to stand in front of polling stations in every kind of weather for hours on end, greeting voters in order to elect a super-majority for you and your friends so that you don’t have to cut deals and compromise with the democrats. Guess the joke is on us.

  6. Checking out Rep. Steinburg’s record of his “not conservative” votes on the Civitas site is informative, and lays out a pretty clear picture of what kind of guy he is…a typical big-government, Dem-lite establishment Republican… who might give lip service to small-government and free market principles, but that’s not him.

    His “not conservative” votes are consistent… for more government fees, subsidies, tax breaks, mandates, corporate welfare, giveaways. (that’s not “economic investment”, btw, it’s just garbage).

    I honest-to-goodness laughed when I came across this 2012 Steinburg campaign quote, ” Bob has witnessed first hand that the fastest way to create jobs is to reduce the size and scope of government, reduce regulatory red-tape and set free the entrepreneurial spirit of hard-working North Carolinians.””


    1. The voters in my district who know me best have elected me three times and in primaries twice. They know me and apparently overwhelmingly support my representation. Bring it on!

      1. Yes, I mentioned it in my earlier post. You’ve apparently done an excellent job misrepresenting your views… because your votes dont align too well with someone who actually holds such principles.

        Again… so? Who cares about how many people you’ve managed to get to vote for you? Maybe your district is filled with people who love bigger government… *shrug*

        Hillary Clinton has a lot of people who voted for her, and she’s miserable, corrupt garbage. Obama won two elections… so what?

        Once again, another post from Rep. Bob Steinburg, with bluster and bravado, but ultimately avoids addressing the entirely valid questions this site’s articles have posed.

        Tough talk without substance, to misdirect and avoid… that’s what “real” cowards do. 🙂

  7. I get sick and tired of the word “renewable.” How about emphasizing another word…”reliable.” We need reliable energy sources. We don’t need to invest taxpayer funding in unreliable sources such as wind and solar that make our energy bills go up. I oppose all financial incentives to big corporations that cost the taxpayers. If a company wants to invest in producing wind or solar energy, let them do it on their own dime. If it can’t sustain itself without robbing our taxpaying citizens, maybe it’s not needed. I voted no on HB 589, and I will always vote against such waste, or really, misappropriation, of taxpayer money, as long as I am in Raleigh. That goes for film incentives and other boondoggles, too. It’s funny how I used to hear Republican leaders complain about this kind of corruption, calling it corporate welfare, until we got to be in charge. I can’t understand changing your tune like that, just because someone offers you money or a position you’d like to have or puts pressure on you or gives a lot of money to your opponent. We should not be for sale.

    1. Larry, you are a dear friend and former seatmaye.. We disagree on this issue and that’s ok. You have opinions I don’t agree with, and I have some you don’t agree with. I still respect you and love you my Christian brother. The one thing we should both agree with is the cowsrdness of those who post here under a sheet or mask. I have no respect for cowards

      1. Mr. Steinburg, Are you serious? You have called almost everyone on this board, including the host of the website, every name in the book. We have been on here for years, having civil discussions and I can tell you I have never seen vitriol like you have been posting on here in the last week or so.
        You call people everything from cowards and klan members. Then someone posts the same things many others have said, but because they are a former legislator and use their name, they are a Christian brother?
        I wouldn’t post something about you under my real name because I’m afraid if we met a a political function you might take a swing at me. I’m 64 years old, have fought for my country but have not raised my hand against another person for decades. I understand what it means to be civil and a gentleman. It appears you believe being a jerk equals being a man. You are sadly mistaken.
        You have the right to be a jerk and you are certainly exercising it. But acting the way you have on this board and then playing the “Christian brother” card is beyond belief. You’re playing with powers well beyond politics.
        You think you’re a man because you’re willing to physically fight with someone you don’t like. I think I’m a man because I’m mature enough to realize you have some serious anger issues and you scare the daylights out of me.
        I don’t care whether you take solar money or not. I don’t care whether you win or lose your election. I just hope you don’t hurt someone before you’re political career is over. You need to seek some psychiatric help before it’s too late.

        1. Your not a man if you can’t post your name to your comments. You are a coward in that regard. You can change that but it’s up to you. I’m like our new president. I’m not a game player who tells it.like.it is. I’m sorry you can’t take the heat, but you know the expression, if you can’t get out of the kitchen. I find it amazing that someone who served in our military is frightened of anything. I’m a good deal older than you are sir. You have nothing to fear. How have I ever lasted 3 terms in Raleigh if I’m who you are trying to portray me ss were true? P. S. Thank you for your service to our nation.

        2. Well, I am not a former legislator yet, although the establishment folks are doing all they can to get rid of me. But Bob is a friend, and I do not mean to attack him personally, only the issue. I appreciated his strong stand against repealing HB2. We just disagree strongly on this issue. To me the conservative point if view is consistent across many issues and does not make room for government taking this kind of action with taxpayer funding.

    2. Larry, you are a true conservative, something the big government / corporate welfare Solyndra Republicans are not. We need more true conservatives like you who beleive in small government and free enterprise and fewer of the big government / special interest Republicans. I hope we can get movement in that direction in next year’s primaries.

      Those who ran the redistricitng seem to have been hard on conservatives, especially those who stood up against Big Solar like you and Bill Cook. Cook got a hopeless district and you got one that will be difficult.

      1. Thank you for your kind words. After spending nearly $200,000 against my $46,000 in the primary last year, the coalition of liberals in both parties who never wanted me in Raleigh will certainly be coming after me again. The gerrymandering of districts that put me in one designed for someone else to win is just the beginning. But I’m not going down without a fight, and my people know I am fighting for them, not just for myself. Committee to Elect Larry Pittman. P. O. Box 6311 Concord, NC 28027, in case anyone is interested in helping.

  8. No one MIA. This site has absolutely no credibity with only a handful of posters hiding under sheets making comments. Obviously the Haymaker thinks they have a lot more juice than they do, and they don’t. They appear to be on a mission. Bring it on. The only thing that matters in the end is election results. I’ll stand on my record and am extremely confident it will be enough. I’ve never given to Democrats and have no sexual harassments in my background. I’ll stand against anyone. I’m ready, willing and more than able to debate openly and honestly in any forum where people can no longer hide in anonymity. Looking forward to it with glee.

    1. If you and your two woman posse really believed that, you would not be posting so fast and furious on this site, with all your bluster and ducking any substantive discussion of the issues, now would you, Bob?

      Keep whistling past the graveyard.

      And admit you are on the same page with Barack Obama, Al Gore, George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Roy Cooper when it comes to the renewable energy boondoggle that is gouging taxpayers and electric ratepayers in our state thanks to our special interest loving politicians.. And on a totally different page than the North Carolina Republican Party.

  9. I think it’s funny, it’s the same twenty or twenty – five people who comment, so I don’t think we are big as we think. Many could be commenting twice. Are we the same group who said the that we were going to be Grandpa and he beat Jim at the convention. I forgot, Grandpa stole it….that one was funny…

    I don’t think many of you live in Bob’s district, so fun to say nasty things about him, but there’s not much you can do about it. It may be Twiddy on the board trying to build himself up. He is going to need it.

    1. Jennifer, You accuse those of us who have been on this board for years of being people who just jumped on here to go against Bob Steinburg. It’s not hard to look at the names of the people who are posting in these threads and see we comment on a wide range of issues and have for years. The story got all this started had accusations from Steinburg and his friend Holly that long time posters were people we’ve never heard of. It’s insane.
      Also, this would have been over long ago if Rep. Steinburg were not responding is such and unprofessional way.
      This hasn’t been about Twiddy for over a week. I don’t know if he’s even decided to run or not. With the unbalanced behavior of Rep. Steinburg, I might think twice about it if I were Twiddy.
      You’re right, I don’t live in that district. But that doesn’t mean I can’t post my opinion on a board I’ve been on for years, just like I don’t try to deny your right to post on a board you’ve been on for a week. It’s a free exchange of ideas and if you look at previous stories on a wide range of subjects, about as nasty as it gets on here is calling someone a liberal or a RINO. An elected official has come on here and started defending physical altercations for someone taping them with a cellphone (saying that makes him a man), calls people cowards and klan members.
      If I were Bob Steinburg, I would hope that voters in his district aren’t on here reading this stuff. His outrageous behavior would hurt him far more than his support of solar with voters who don’t follow politics as closely as those of us on this board. He thinks being a jerk is a badge of honor or manhood. He’s wrong.

      1. I hops the voters in my district read every comment you and your ilk have posted in the shadows of anonymity and I hope they read my replies. An overwhelming majority will be supportive, I can assure you. I have never been on this page until the editor and you by extension decided to go after me with three hit pieces in a row. I will always defend my family, my nation, my state and my District fearlessly and without apology and in the open, unlike you and your minions. Your tactics will never sell over my way and you can put that in the bank.

        1. So I’m now ilk . Just so you know Bob, this ilk forum has a very wide, diverse readership, so pull yourself together. This is not about the shadows of anonymity. It’s about waste of tax payer dollars.

        2. If you “know” that one of these “Antifa” coward’s name is John Smith of 111 Happy St., of Happyville, NC…. how does that change anything about anything?

          (It doesnt). 🙂

          1. Antifa’s MO is physical assaults on people they disagree with politicially. The only poster here who has a known record of physically assaulting someone he disagreed with politically is Bob Steinburg. It is really amusing that he accues other people of being Antifa when he is the one who best fits their characteristics.

    1. Uncle Barry

      I’m glad you asked. My simple answer is why not. I have the qualifications, I currently serve y of the counties in the proposed new district, have run in three more, and have strong ties go the remain two. It’s an opportunity to represent all of the 11 county proposed Senate District 1.
      I love the people of this district, know them well including commissioned, sheriff’s and board of ed members. Why wouldn’t I run. This is,a tremendous opportunity for our region. Tyou for asking.

  10. What is honorable and shows integrity is having the intestinal fortitude to use your real name when attempting to degrade another person in a public forum. Otherwise your no better than ANTIFA and other fascist organizations that don’t have the balls to say or do anything without wearing a mask.

    1. AmenAnthony Byrum. Amen!! and how about this from our President:

      Our President Donald Trump said yesterday, “I think what the people want to see: They want to see some dialogue, they want to see coming together to an extent at the very least.”
      That, in my view, is one of the reasons he won the presidency, shocking America and the world and even some of us. People are sick to death of politicians and political parties and some in the rank and file imposing litmus tests on those who represent them and nothing but bickering and hateful rhetoric towards anyone willing to work across the aisle in a partisan manner when possible, without compromising ones values, to try and get things done. Anything less than that is a recipe for failure, ensuring a continued state of political paralysis where nothing happens. There are exceptions for me, but promoting economic investment in our region is not one of them. For me at least, as my colleagues in both chambers know all too well, on conservative social values, my spine is made of steel and their is NO BEND! And as a footnote to offer further proof of the disdain the folks have for the lack of dialogue going on today, look no further than to the explosive growth of Unaffiliated voters, anemic growth in our Republican ranks, and an absolute downward free-fall in the numbers of registered voters identifying as Democrats. So now for working with in a bipartisan manner is Trump suddenly unacceptable? I think not. He knows how to get things done and quite candidly, so do I. Moving NENC forward and creating investment and job opportunities is number one. Those who want to sit on their backsides content with the status quo for another 20 years as they watch the world pass our region by, have at it. I’ll have no part of it…not now…not ever!

      1. Jacking up electric rates for businesses and families by pandering to a corrupt special interest that produces expensive and unrelaible electricity is a recipe for moving NC and NENC backward not forward. We are the only state in our region with an renewable energy mandate (that you support) which will make our electric rates go up faster than our neighboring states, and that will HURT our economic development because it will make our state less competitive for new industry. Several states have already abandoned or cut back renewable energy mandates due to the fact that they cause increases in electric rates.

        I guess you should call yourself ”High Electric Rate Bob”

        And why should struggling individual taxpayers have to subsidize 80% of the local property taxes of your special interest buddies in the wind and solar scams? That is nothing but banditry and you support it! These wealthy out of state carpetbaggers are mooching off of hard working North Carolinians. You should be ashamed of your support of that ripoff.

      2. Being bi-partisan is a lot like being bi-sexual. Sometimes you function as a Democrat and sometimes as a Republican. We Republican primary voters want a ”straight” not a ”bi”. You referenced progressive Republican Teddy Roosevelt as a role model, and he was so ”bi” that he bolted the GOP enirely for his own short-lived progressive party.

        Your attitude on being ”bi” is much like that of Thom Tillis who is so ”bi” that he votes more liberal than he does conservative.

        Your take on Trump’s recent manuver is the establishment take, approving of it. The conservative take is just the opposite as expressed here by Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC):

        Just having an R by your name is not sufficient for the GOP base these days. You also need an R in your heart, not a question mark or a dollar sign.

    2. According to the Board of Elections search, there are two Anthony Byrums registered to vote in North Carolina, a Democrat in Gaston County and a Libertarian in Forsyth County. I could see why a Democrat would be supporting Steinburg’s big government position but no cirsumstnaces that a Libertarian would.

      I believe this is your first time posting here and you seem very unfamiliar with political boards on the internet. Few posters on any of them use their actual names. The standards have been set long before you arrived.

  11. Steinburg, first you compare yourself to Teddy Roosevelt and now you compare yourself to Trump, Really? I would compare you more to Hillary Clinton! You threaten people who disagree with you by telling them they should “fear you.” Are you whacked out? Are you off your meds?

  12. I love how SolarSteinie’s biggest argument is that people on this site use cover names. Yeah, we have to SolarSteinie to protect ourselves from the like you you and your brethren in the NCGA. And before you go all crazed on that, don’t. I have first hand experience.

    The people in your district keep voting for you because you keep lying to them. But that scam is about to come to a halt, in the state and in DC. The more people know, thru this little site, how compromised you are to your votes, the more likelihood your elected life is going to get harder.

    So, SolarSteinie, keep taking advise from your solar lobbyist buddies, they really do care about you and have your best interest at heart. NOT. But…they will give you AWARDS!

  13. The 3rd Congressional District Executive Committee met today and was well attended by legislators who are running again and by prospective candidates. Legislative candidates unable to attend usually had a representtative present to express their intent to run again. Clark Twiddy was there, even though he could not make any statements about a legislative race while his Lt. Gov. committee is still open. Bob Steinburg was not there nor did he send a representative. In fact, no one from Steinburg’s county was there at all.

    There was some discussion about the crash of a Duke medical helicopter at a wind farm, where the pilot, the patient, and two nurses were killed. It is too early to know the role of the wind farm in the crash, but given that it happened there, the liklihood is high that it played a role. All the wind turbines in the state are not worth these four lives. The blood of these four will be on the hands of the politicians who allowed these dangerous structutes to be built in our state.

    A county commissioner from Bill Cook’s home county was present and told the group that the county is instituting a moratorium on solar farms, and one of the reasons is that the solar farms are costing the county tax money. He cited one solar farm that alone was costing his county a quarter of a million dollars in lost tax revenues every year.

    Oh, and the Dailiy Haymaker and this thread were mentioned at the meeting.

      1. Did Steinburg have one of those ”bi-partisan” meetings to go to at the same time? Is that why he was AWOL at the GOP meeting?

    1. Regrettably, no one from Chowan attended the 3rd CD meeting Sat. because everyone – including me, the Chairman – had previous commitments. I don’t know about Bob.
      Bob is a good friend, but he is totally irrational about industrial wind and solar electrical generating facilities. I suspect that he has been coopted by the NCSU Clean Energy Technology Center and NC Sustainable Energy Association. In any case, it is impossible to reason with him on the subject. Following is a letter that I wrote to The Daily Advance in response to the Steinburg/Smith-Ingram screed. They probably won’t publish it, but the Chowan Herald may.

      More Naiveté about Wind and Solar Generating Facilities

      On September 2nd The Daily Advance published another column concerning industrial wind and solar electrical generating facilities, this time a joint effort by Republican Representative Steinburg and Democrat Senator Smith-Ingram. The joint bipartisan effort was, I suppose, an attempt to add gravitas to their naive and untrue claims that these projects actually are a net economic benefit to North Carolina. The authors claim that, during the 2017 legislative session, the NC House had more than 30 meetings with “stakeholders” to develop energy bill HB 589. But they fail to mention that these stakeholders were almost exclusively advocates and lobbyists for wind and solar, they didn’t invite the real stakeholders – the rate-paying public. The article claims that construction of wind and solar facilities resulted in major investment and job creation, but ignores the facts that such jobs are very short term and the actual investment in North Carolina is only a small part of the claimed project cost. They claim that our military has thoroughly reviewed the effects wind turbines have on defense, but naively ignore the fact that thorough studies have been conducted indicating that a large wind facility would adversely affect operation of the Removable Over The Horizon Radar located in nearby Chesapeake – a key national defense asset. The Obama administration wanted “green energy” and military personnel do what their civilian bosses tell them to do and shut up. The authors claim that Fortune 500 companies are powering their facilities with renewable sources. Any teenager with basic computer skills would laugh out loud at such nonsense: Apple, Amazon and all the other “green energy” aficionados are directly connected to the grid where they can get reliable power all the time – they are not going to rely on a generator that works only when the sun is shining or the wind is blowing. This simple fact of nature is why Apple’s server farm in Maiden, N.C. — which is supposedly “100 percent” powered by renewable energy — received permits to install 44 diesel generators for backup power. Nor is it mentioned that, according to a Brookings Institute study, solar generated electricity is three times as expensive as that from traditional sources and that this has contributed to the fact that NC electricity rates have increased by greater than double the regional average increase since 2008. Given that electricity is a primary input for nearly every good and service produced, a rise in price should be expected to have a negative impact throughout the economy. That is, loss of jobs.
      So why is there such a push to build industrial scale solar and wind generating facilities? To start with, solar facilities are exempt from 80% of property taxes. Solar energy investors with sufficient tax liability may combine the 35% state Investment Tax Credit with the 30% federal ITC and the bonus accelerated depreciation schedule to return almost all of their investment within six years. Further, they may receive 57.8% of their investment back through tax credits and depreciation deductions within 12 months of placing a facility into service. This can result in returning almost all of their investment within six years. And who invests in these facilities? Some of the top investors in 2015 were Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC, Duke Energy Corp., NC Farm Bureau and Wells Fargo Bank – corporations with lots of cash that they want to shield from taxes.
      The sobering reality is that Big Solar’s day in the sun simply isn’t possible, nor is it economically sustainable, without continuous diversions of tax money, government assistance, energy portfolio carve-outs, and utility cost-shifting schemes – all aimed at creating a “market” for solar that it can’t establish on its own. And who pays for all this? Us – North Carolina rate payers!

  14. I, being the GOP Ch of Dare, have known Rep Steinburg for six years or so. It has been a very cordual relationship and i cannot recolect ever having a discussion with him about the ups and downs of solar or wind energy. The last few days on this site have been most enlightening. In more ways than one.
    I am not a proponent of wind and solar. It clearly is a scam purportrated upon the rate payers. CLEARLY!!

    Browny Douglas

  15. The one issue anonymous posters here have me confused. Harry Brown is a great state senator in my opinion but he is part of the senate leadership that redistricted out Bill and Larry. You can try and excuse him by claiming he wasn’t but the truth is he has enough influence to have complained. Also, do you forget that Sen . Brown hid from the democrats vote on the lottery claiming a honeymoon that happened months after he was married? A critical vote the GOP lost because of his cooperation with the Democrats. He said he opposed the conservative GOP position because his constituents wanted the lottery and his loyalty was to them first. So it seems when someone you like cooperates with the Democrats on a huge issue we fought for over a decade that passes by the skin of its teeth in the middle of the night because Sen. Brown skipped town to give the Democrats their margin of victory, that’s ok and he is still a great conservative. I think Sen. Brown should be supported but many of you appear to have double standards. Why does not identifying yourself matter? Because you are not just expressing opinions on issues. You are saying one person is a good conservative or republican and others are not but you do not reveal your history to be judged the same way. I believe that makes you cowards. Being unnamed is fine if you simply want to discuss issues. If you want to discuss people and say who is good or bad have the integrity to have yourself held to the same light. My two cents and I am sure will result on the same few writers who write the same way here pile on. The person who thinks they have made, “hay” here over Mr. Steinberg’s column. Do you not know he wrote a column for years on hundreds of issues before he was elected? Wow you really do look like a one issue person who must not live here if you are not even aware of that. How come this article says there are more than sixty comments but only a few show up? Why aren’t all of them seen?

    1. ??? I thought the conversation was about solar/wind energy, and tax payer dollars. My name really is Brad McNeill, and I can count .

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