#ncga: Chris Millis stands down

Coastal North Carolina is losing Bill Cook in the Senate.  It looks like the region will also be losing Chris Millis — one of the few conservative champions in the House.

Millis published his letter of resignation — effective September 15th — on his website.

Millis has been one of the few folks in the House — even with a GOP majority — to stand up and passionately defend limited government.  He was out front in the effort to impeach secretary of state Elaine Marshall. (I have a feeling that matter will quietly go away — just like those ethics complaints against David Lewis — once Millis leaves town.  No one else has the guts to follow through with it and see that justice is done.) 

In his resignation, Millis cites that old familiar saw about spending more time with the family.  I can buy that.  The guy is a young, working-class, married father of two still needs to hold a real job while partaking in the circus on Jones Street.

My sources are telling me that Millis’s move may open the floodgates.  More and more people are tired of being dragged up to Raleigh repeatedly for special sessions — wasting hours and even days waiting while “leadership” tries to figure out what’s next.  

This plays into the hands of the corrupt statists in the capital.  Things stay chaotic.  Lots of new faces dependent on “help” from folks who have been there, done that.