#ncga: Chris Millis stands down

Coastal North Carolina is losing Bill Cook in the Senate.  It looks like the region will also be losing Chris Millis — one of the few conservative champions in the House.

Millis published his letter of resignation — effective September 15th — on his website.

Millis has been one of the few folks in the House — even with a GOP majority — to stand up and passionately defend limited government.  He was out front in the effort to impeach secretary of state Elaine Marshall. (I have a feeling that matter will quietly go away — just like those ethics complaints against David Lewis — once Millis leaves town.  No one else has the guts to follow through with it and see that justice is done.) 

In his resignation, Millis cites that old familiar saw about spending more time with the family.  I can buy that.  The guy is a young, working-class, married father of two still needs to hold a real job while partaking in the circus on Jones Street.

My sources are telling me that Millis’s move may open the floodgates.  More and more people are tired of being dragged up to Raleigh repeatedly for special sessions — wasting hours and even days waiting while “leadership” tries to figure out what’s next.  

This plays into the hands of the corrupt statists in the capital.  Things stay chaotic.  Lots of new faces dependent on “help” from folks who have been there, done that.


22 thoughts on “#ncga: Chris Millis stands down

  1. This is awful news. Millis has been a real hero, a man of principle in a snake pit of special interests.

  2. Chris Millis will be missed. He was a Conservative Champion, ranked #1 by Civitas, in the NC House and had the ability to understand complex issues and formulate conservative policy. Thank you for your service.

  3. More and more Republicans in NC are talking about the need to start a new Conservative Party in the Tarheel State. Perhaps Millis can join the effort. It would be a natural fit.

  4. Chris Millis is a Patriot. Until we shorten the length of these sessions, only the wealthy and the retired will be able to hold office. Not that there’s anything wrong with wealthy or retired folks, but that leaves a lot of other good folks out that are looking to be public servants.
    Thank you Mr. Millis for your service. I wish the best in all that you do in the future.

    1. What i don’t understand is that multi billion dollar corporations can have board meetings with board members in other country’s, but this guy has to travel all that way just to find out that nobody knows what the heck is being done? why do they have apps, like skype, and go to meeting, they can use those and save the gas.

  5. Seeing what a total mess the Republicans have made of the UNC system, put Chris Mills on the Board of Governors. From what I’m hearing the entire UNC system is about to implode on the GOP. The radical left is taking over every campus in the system. There is a serious athletic scandal brewing at NC State. We seriously need some common sense conservatism that Millis could bring.

  6. This is such bad news, but I totally understand. Chris is a true hero of mine. He always did the right thing. God bless Chris and his family.

  7. Another effective REAL Conservative is leaving. His leadership will be greatly missed.
    Ron Margiotta—Wake County

  8. it’s true we need a new conservative party and we need to throw out rino republicans who stink like evil lawlessness democrats. All these pigs in both parties swim in the same slop pit.

    1. Sentiment appears to be building. Perhaps the old Tea Party groups can organize a “continental congress” to organize a breakaway party, where we set the rules designed to increase our control of our legislators. A face-to-face convention is necessary for conservatives to bolt the GOP in organized fashion, rather than the pointless, futile move by individuals to Unaffiliated status, which solves exactly nothing.

      1. Right. You can’t reform the party from outside of it. You either have to stay in the GOP and keep working to reform it or go form a valid alternative party. Unaffiliated accomplishes nothing.

  9. I agree this is very disappointing that he is going we need these that are fighting for what is right not these same old liberals both republicans and democrats.

  10. This is real sad. It is real bad for the rest of us out here hoping for honesty in politics. He was a great guy and a watchdog against these corrupt representatives that seem to be getting rich up there on Jones Street. What happened to the issue with the lobbyist that I heard about? I think WBTV ran a story on Mark Bibbs, the lobbyist with ties to our Speaker and the Commissioner of Insurance? Without Chris up there I fear some will continue to operate like they are in a candy store.

  11. Dear Patriotic American Laborers;
    Tomorrow President Trump will decide the fate of DACA which gives work permits to illegal immigrants, formerly children that have grown up having immune vaccinations protecting them from ravages of childhood disease, but politicizing their national/state immunity by Republicans such as Senator Thom Tillis, NC with his “Dream Act” by calling it his conservative amnesty, but it’s really a twin bridge bordering on No Border Wall with an Obama extension!

    Senator Tillis’ bill would give 2.5 million illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship provided they lack a serious criminal background? In my opinion, all illegal aliens are part of an ongoing serious criminal invasion. You can count on Tillis supporting more illegals emphasizing an Obama Lite policy, when three years ago Tillis ran on a promise that he opposed amnesty and he called for strengthening security of the border before assisting with Dream Bills of any immigration reform. Why doesn’t Senator Tillis call for enforcing immigration laws on the books? Would Thom Tillis tell us it’s cruel to deport people who have lived here for a while?

    What about the return of American POWs? Why haven’t U.S. Senators showed a similar concern for our hurting American citizens, separated from loved ones who were abandoned by their own country? Why has the U.S. allowed communist countries like China, Cambodia North Korea, and Russia to hold Americans as imprisoned illegal aliens? Why haven’t Americans received due process through the Geneva Convention’s International Rules? Clearly the advantage that foreign immigrants have received has better amnesty than for those U.S. citizens, who went to war, but have been incarcerated indefinitely ever since!
    Many Vietnamese immigrants received better amnesty, yet our MIAs still remain unaccounted for with continuing Congressional disparity on Labor Day-2017!

  12. ,,,the elite fraud GOP sewer rats have won again- Millis is a conservative fighter and one of the few, that’s not lying scum

  13. I am really going to miss Chris Millis. He has done a great job. I understand his need to get back to his family and his regular job; but it is a dark day for conservatives. Of course, the maps recently approved by the Legislature were drawn with an intent to get rid of me and other conservatives. So I can’t say I will be back in 2019; but I’m not going down without a fight. I would miss Chris bad enough then, if I do return. I am very sad he is leaving before finishing his current term; but I can’t really blame him. God bless you and your family, Chris. You did a great job while you were in Raleigh. You will be greatly missed.

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