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#ncga: Chris Millis stands down

Coastal North Carolina is losing Bill Cook in the Senate.  It looks like the region will also be losing Chris Millis — one of the few conservative champions in the House. Millis published his letter of resignation — effective September 15th — on his website….

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#ncga: N&O joins WRAL’s crusade to tar Rep. Millis as a BIGOT

  It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s stands on the issues.  It’s another altogether to smear someone with falsehoods and half-truths while pretending to be an objective observer and reporter of the news.   Laura Leslie tried to tie vulgar tweets to Rep. Chris Millis…

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#ncga: Chris Millis has their attention.

The gentleman from Pender County has been a back-bencher for most of his career on Jones Street.  He’s dismissed for his *silly* devotion to conservatism, limited government, and stuff like THE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM. Quite often — even in a Republican controlled House — his sensibly…

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#ncga: Impeach her? (I hardly even know her.)

Well, it looks like ‘Occupy Elaine’ might have finally bitten off more than her dentures can chew:  North Carolina legislative Republicans are taking aim once again at Democrats in the executive branch of state government. Just hours after enacting a budget that slashes the budgets…

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#ncga: Millis targets ConnectNC scam

Our own money was used in March to con us out of even MORE of our own money.  The ConnectNC bond referendum was initially pitched as a transportation fix, but ended up being a whole lot of pork that has NOTHING to do with transportation…

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#ncga: Just in time for the primaries. A new conservative player. (Likely to ruffle a few feathers. )

For decades, The North Carolina Congressional Club / National Congressional Club turned into the de facto Republican Party in this state.  It openly backed Republicans against other Republicans on the basis of who was more loyal to conservative principles.  They gave us Jesse Helms, John…

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#ncga: Solar regs debate has GOP chattering

Ms. Leslie, Binky’s boss over at WRAL, decided to go out and do a little of that reportin’ thing:  […] The solar industry has blossomed in North Carolina since lawmakers granted solar farms tax breaks nine years ago as part of renewable energy standards that…

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#ncga: Rep. Millis endorses Tammy Covil in heated HD-20 GOP primary

The two ladies mixing it up to replace the retiring Rick Catlin in this Wilmington area state House seat have certainly made things interesting.  New Hanover County school board member Tammy Covil and her supporters have hammered opponent Holly Grange for her husband’s reported business…

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#ncga: GOP reps. Millis, Hager step into Burr-Moore fray

State Rep. Justin Burr and Speaker Tim Moore have been very publicly exchanging some very heated words over the last few days. Now, House Majority Leader Mike Hager is stepping into the fray — taking issue with Moore’s characterization of Burr as “ineffective” and not…

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#ncga Senate opens new front in solar fight

Mr. Apodaca, Mr. Rucho, and Mr. Berger have been toying with things again, and that has all of these alleged “conservatives for clean energy” up in arms.  The folks in the upper chamber basically brought Chris Millis’s language to kill the alternative energy mandates back…