#ncga: Chris Millis has their attention.

The gentleman from Pender County has been a back-bencher for most of his career on Jones Street.  He’s dismissed for his *silly* devotion to conservatism, limited government, and stuff like THE REPUBLICAN PLATFORM. Quite often — even in a Republican controlled House — his sensibly conservative bills get spit on, stomped on, and set afire. 

Raleigh, like DC, is run by a bi-partisan group of elites who think they are smarter than we are, and know better than we do. While Republicans vs. Democrats is a serious competition and rivalry to us in the real world, it’s more like Kiwanis vs. Rotary for the inside-the-beltline crowd.  Two not so different different clubs.  Scooping up as much of other people’s money as they can.  Telling other people how to live.

Well, Chris got their attention this week with his call for impeachment proceedings against ‘Occupy’ Elaine Marshall. Marshall is protected by the Raleigh cartel — just like Roy Cooper and Beth Wood have been.  The NCGOPe will allow for token opposition — if any — to put up the appearance of being adversarial. But there never is any serious effort to oust her.

Back during the 2016 campaign, Marshall’s GOP opponent raised the issue of her making illegal aliens notary publics.  Our state’s worthless drive by media ignored the whole thing.  (I think The Daily Caller gave it some national attention.)

Millis picked the issue back up this year.  He held a press conference earlier that also drew yawns from the chattering class of our capital city and the alleged guardians of The First Amendment.

Now, the man from Pender has upped the ante. Start investigating corruption and law-breaking by elected officials in Raleigh and things could get right busy and right crowded.

When he presented the resolution to move forward with the probe of Marshall, Millis took some heat from Democrats — as well as from Speaker Timmy toadie Nelson Dollar (who was the subject of some controversy with his colleagues regarding financial management).

Now, a day later. Millis is taking heat in the driveby media.  WRAL’s Queen Dumpster Diver Laura Leslie took her marching orders from Progress NC, strapped on her Doc Martens, and tried to tie Millis to tweets of “gay slurs.” 

Apparently, someone has recently been tweeting with the account for the NC Conservative PAC.  Millis was involved with the group during the 2016 primary season, but has had little to no involvement since.  Leftists (and Leslie) are taking year-old releases with Millis’s name on them and using them as “evidence” to suggest he condoned and wrote the vulgar tweets.

It’s kind of like condemning WRAL for Leslie’s offensive and biased Facebook postings about Christian conservatives, gun owners, and Republicans under the rainbow flag of the militant homosexual movement.  Can WRAL be held accountable for what she does off-duty on her iPhone?

(One of the tweets actually questions the heterosexuality of House Democrat leader Darren Jackson.  I think one member of the House disparaging another member of the House like that –publicly — would constitute a violation of House rules and subject them to sanctions.  Chris Millis is too smart to stray into that kind of territory.)   He doesn’t even keep his OWN Twitter feed current.

It’s not hard to hijack a Facebook or Twitter account.  (A lot of politicians don’t even write the social media posts that go up under their names.)

It is interesting that Leslie gets this dropped in her lap the day after Millis lowers the boom on Marshall.  (The language in the Tweets doesn’t even sound like Millis.)

People have targeted me and this site because we rock the boat, turn over rocks, and shine light into the darkness.  Chris Millis is one of the few souls left in that town standing up for the “little people” in the hinterlands.  He should wear this like a badge of honor.

The fact that WRAL lets Leslie pull this kind of crap — while ignoring her far-left rants on Facebook — sends North Carolina’s alleged flagship news station spiraling down the drain not far behind CNN.


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  1. WRAL’s Jim Goodmon will slip a little bonus in the paycheck of Miss Laura his favorite Dumpster Diver-ette.

    This is exactly the sort of hoaxes and dirty tricks Jimmy G hired Laura for. Old Jim is drooling his oatmeal plotting new dirty tricks… a sad legacy for a once proud “city father” turned “mean old man”.

  2. Chris Millis is a great and very capable public servant. He does his homework, treats everyone with respect and guards his words carefully. I am proud to be his colleague and his friend.

    1. And I am proud of you sir, and all the hard work you continue to do for all of us.
      Stay strong and keep the faith.
      Know that prayers from many here follow and surround you. God bless.

      1. That is very kind of you, and I need all the prayers I can get, especially with the constant attacks from the left. Chris and I agree on most things. We disagree on the call for an Article V constitutional convention, although we both have the same goal of upholding the Constitution. But we disagree respectfully about that, and I an proud to work with him in most things. He is something special.

    2. There are so few true conservatives! Thank you for speaking in his defense Larry Pitman! We appreciate your leadership! Hope you’re enjoying your Independence Day!

  3. Stand your ground Chris Millis. Hope you can salvage the Article 5 Convention of States effort for NC’S “we the people”.

    Browny Douglas

    1. Somebody needs to have a word with Rep. Speciale about that. If he’s not going to be on-board with CoS, he needs to present us with his own answer to clean up this out-of-control federal government.

      1. There is no provision in the constitution for a “convention of states”, as any convention is a convention representing ‘we the people’. “We need to do something” is the response i get from those pushing an Article V Convention, and i certainly agree, but doing the wrong thing is not the answer. Doing something that won’t address the problems is not the answer. Expecting me to provide the answer regarding how to fix DC simply because I do not agree with your proposed solution is preposterous. Here, however, are some suggestions.
        “Where powers are assumed which have not been delegated, a nullification of the act is the rightful remedy”.
        –Thomas Jefferson Kentucky Resolutions 1798
        Consider recruiting and supporting folks to run for the US House and Senate that understand and will obey the Constitution instead of supporting party nominees with no knowledge or desire to support it. There’s a couple suggestions, but supporting a process that opens our Constitution to change when that cannot fix the problems is ludicrous. You cannot ‘fix’ federal usurpations of undelegated powers by amending the Constitution to say the federal government cannot do what the Constitution never gave it the power to do in the first place.alexander Hamilton, at the Constitutional Convention in 1787, pointed out that amendments remedy defects in the Constitution. He tells us in Federalist 85 that useful amendments would address the “organization of the government, not… the mass of its powers.”

      2. The problem with our weakened ship of state is not the US Constitution. The problem is that it is not being enforced. What makes anyone think that since we cannot get our current document enforced anyone will be successful at enforcing a new one?? That is not logical. And it is extremely dangerous. I am sorry to say this but we do not have enough strong conservatives in North Carolina to represent us fairly at a Convention of States. We NEED MORE MIKE SPECIALEs first.

        1. I don’t entirely disagree with you and in all other things I have the highest respect for the gentleman, but as I see it, we’re already on the slow road to perdition and if we end up accelerating the process at the CoS, maybe the nation will be shocked out of its apathy to do something about it. After all, some of the harder strictures of the Constitution (like Presidential term limits) still work, lets put some more hard limits into the Constitution.

  4. Larry Pittman and Chris Millis.
    Two real men.
    Thank God for them.
    Where are the rest????

  5. When positions or deeds of the left are attacked, the left attacks the messenger. Liberal integrity is deed, as are their philosophical positions. Venezuela is only the latest illustration of the failure of leftist’s policy. There is no political discourse anymore – only name-calling on the left. What is so troubling in NC is the failure of our House. Could you imagine the freedom and prosperity we could enjoy if Chris Millis were Speaker of the House?

  6. We need more people in government like Chris. He’s smart, principled and courageous. Thank you Chris. Wish you were my rep instead of the insipid, washy washy leftist Frank Iler. But the Local party think he walks on water all the while voting with the solar goons, against our 2A rights and didnt even have the courage to vote on the HB2 repeal. Can we clone Millis?

  7. Chris Millis is a great courageous North Carolina leader, cut from the same patriotic cloth as Thomas Burke (author of the nation’s first constitution), Wylie Jones, an anti-federalist, and Leonadis LaFayette Polk, agrarian Populist, and founder of NCSU.

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