#ncga: Millis targets ConnectNC scam

Our own money was used in March to con us out of even MORE of our own money.  The ConnectNC bond referendum was initially pitched as amail transportation fix, but ended up being a whole lot of pork that has NOTHING to do with transportation funding.  Many of us — in the wake of this scam — have felt angry and betrayed.  Well, state Rep. Chris Millis is promoting an interesting salve:

From: Rep. Chris Millis
Sent: Tuesday, May 10, 2016 7:05 PM
To: @House/Republican/Members
Subject: Transportation Infrastructure Funding – HB 1106

Dear fellow colleagues, as you already know, our state faces major transportation infrastructure needs both in the present and in the future.  In light of this significant need for transportation infrastructure funding, and since past polls concerning the recent bond referendum clearly indicated that many individuals voting for the Connect NC bond thought that they were voting for public monies that would go towards (all or in part) state transportation needs [hence the title of the bond], please consider sponsoring HB 1106. 

Please find that this bill will simply allow a vote of the people to consider a portion of the UNC funds within the bond to be allocated to transportation c267dda4da1eb18c3616add73ce588b33e8ff89finfrastructure funding in order to help address our state’s transportation needs.  If the vote of the people fails, the bond will stay just as it is today with no harm done.  This bill is about accurately reflecting the priorities of the citizens and I urge this body to allow the people to have the opportunity to have a voice heard whether they want to truly “Connect NC”.  May this legislative body “be rather than to seem” as HB 1106 will give us the opportunity be consistent with our state motto.

I hope you will strongly consider co-sponsoring this important piece of legislation.  Thank you for your attention to this matter and your service to our state.



7 thoughts on “#ncga: Millis targets ConnectNC scam

  1. This move by Millis is brilliant. He really has a future as a conservative leader. I would love to see him run for Congress in the 7th against the useless establishment toad now occupying that seat.

    Hooray for Chris Millis!

  2. yeah….go to notgonnahappen.com to see how this works out. The pigs are now bacon passed out to all the cronies at this point. People have been bought off, campaign donation checks have been written.

  3. It is still a good and gutsy move by Chris, and I support him on it, as one who voted no on the bond in the House and again at the polls. I even bought signs against it and put them out around my county and spoke against it at GOP meetings. Chris Millis is great. I’m proud of him.

  4. Great idea to try. Shameful that the LEG says what you think and twists to do what they want. And here I thought for 25 years now the motto was “seem rather than be” because that is the shell game played upon the citizenry most of the time.

  5. Sad, really. “ConnectNC” is just like “Affordable Care Act”, i.e. something DEMOCRATS would do to hide the real intent / impact of a bill. And, it depends on the ignorance of the average voter- you know, the folks who gave us OBAMA.

  6. I had Rep. Millis on my show, “What Matters in North Carolina” yesterday (@WhatMattersNC) to talk about his bill, and was struck by his common sense and humility. Folks in Onlsow and Pender Counties are fortunate to have him as their representative.

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