Leadership. Anyone? Anyone? (Bueller?)

Gov. Pat McCrory is firing back at the US DOJ for their ridiculous demands to drop gender restrictions on bathrooms, locker rooms, NEWS_shitin_jennamackeyand dressing rooms. (Who knows if this would be happening were he not locked in a tough reelection effort.  It would have been great to see this kind of thing in 2013 when DC was first shoving ObamaCare down our throats.) 

Thom Thilli$ campaigned for Senate in 2014 outraged — just outraged — that Kay Hagan was egging on the US DOJ to sue North Carolina. She should have been fighting for North Carolina tooth and nail, we were told.  Yet, when Thilli$ gets questioned about HB2, he dodges by dismissing it as a “state issue.”

Ask Richard Burr a question about ANYTHING and you get some babbling about how he’s “too busy with his reelection campaign.”  In the wake of the US DOJ’s saber rattling, we’re getting a whole lot of silence from the rest of our GOP-dominated delegation to DC.

Here’s Daniel Horowitz in Conservative Review: 

Would the state of North Carolina have joined the federal union had the delegates at the November 1789 Fayetteville Convention been informed that the federal government would force them to redefine a man as a woman?anyone

The colonists had just finished casting off the yoke of taxation without representation; could any of them have imagined forming a federal union that would someday promote the most absurd form of societal transformation without representation?

North Carolina was very reluctant to join the union, and indeed, declined to support the newly-minted federal government during its first convention in 1788. Their reluctance to join the federal union helped ensure that Congress immediately passed the Bill of Rights, which contained the Tenth Amendment, granting the states and the people power over everything outside of the enumerated federal powers.

During their first convention, the great federalist leader in North Carolina, James Iredell, promised the people that the president would have “no power of legislation.” Well, now the executive, together with the federal courts, serve as an ad hoc super legislature. Attorney General Loretta Lynch yesterday took statutes written to prevent states from treating black people like second-class citizens and rewrote them to retroactively eradicate gender and codify a transgender mental illness as a fundamental right. Obama’s Department of Justice is now threatening the state for simply protecting its residents against a city’s radical ordinance allowing men into all female facilities.

This should be a national emergency. That we have an entire political party and two branches of the federal government now comparing separating men and women’s privacy to segregation spells the end of our society. That all national Republican leaders are silent on this issue is appalling. They are all running sca2400red and leaving North Carolina state officials without any air power. The state’s two RINO senators, Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, must be in the witness protection program.[…]

Burr has BEEN hiding.   Thilli$ is uninterested because this issue provides no really obvious angle for putting cash in his pockets. MORE: 

[…] Remember, just over a year ago, the transgendered bathroom bill in liberal Houston (known as the HERO Act) was defeated 61-38 despite having the support of the entire Hollywood community and vastly outspending opponents of the measure. Now, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory is asking for help from Congress and there is no action forthcoming. What’s next? Codifying pedophilia as a fundamental right? Will Republicans continue to remain silent then as well? 

A sane Republican Congress would do the following:

  • Assemble the entire North Carolina delegation and repudiate the repugnant statement from the Obama administration comparing civil rights to a mental illness.
  • Insert a provision into the upcoming Commerce-Justice-Science appropriations bill defunding any DOJ lawsuit or punitive action against states that is predicated upon enshrining transgenderism into Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.
  • Pass a concurrent resolution in the House and Senate nullifying the Department of Education’s memo using title IX of the United States Education Amendments of 1972 to promote the transgender agenda.636x460design_01
  • Finally, clarify Title II and Title VII of the Civil Right Act, once and for all, as only relating to racial discrimination as clearly intended by those who drafted and passed the legislation in 1964. They must also add a provision stipulating that the federal courts have no jurisdiction to overturn the statute and codify special treatment of homosexuals and transgender individuals into our laws or Constitution.

This is about a lot more than bathrooms. This is about eradicating any uniqueness of the two genders God created. This is about creating a fundamental right to eventually override private property rights as well. Enshrining the homosexual agenda and transgenderism into the Civil Rights Act, as the courts and executive agencies have already done, will continue to infringe upon people’s right to use their property and businesses in accordance with their conscience.