Live Stream: national Rally Against RINOs

Americans For Limited Government, some friends of this site, are hosting a rally in Pennsylvania today calling out some local Republicans for failing to properly aid the Make American Great Again agenda.

We’re told events like this could be popping up soon in other geographic locales across the country.  The action should get started about 11:55 AM (eastern time).

The event is now archived on Youtube.  Enjoy the material below.


3 thoughts on “Live Stream: national Rally Against RINOs

  1. If we are serious about “draining the swamp,” then all across America we must support brave persons willing to stand up to challenge incumbents in primary elections. Thom Tillis is up for re-election in 2020, and he has to go. His backstabbing of President Trump is the last straw. (Note to the Doctor B: not you.)

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