Speaking of USELESS Paul Shumaker clients …

It’s all over Washington that US Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) has been employing a Chinese spy for, oh, TWENTY YEARS.    She sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee with our good pal Dick Burr — with access to all kinds of secrets Beijing would looooooove to see.  And WHAT is the Lawnmower Man’s reaction? 

He’s still charging forward on this Trump-is-a-tool-of-the-Kremlin nonsense.  Carrying water for all the folks still butt-hurt about the pants-suited one’s beatdown in November 2016.

Burr’s House colleagues have addressed the Russia nonsense for what it is.  But our buddy Dick keeps tilting at that windmill.

It’s breath-taking to see how much mileage someone can get out of pure nonsense. 

2 thoughts on “Speaking of USELESS Paul Shumaker clients …

  1. Maybe the Chinese have a spy on Tricky Dick Burr’s staff, too, like they did with his Democrat comrade Feinstein.. It would explain a lot.

    Heck, Shumaker himself has been bought by the radical environmental extremists, as Civitas proved. I’d bet he could be bought by anyone, including the Chinese or the Russians..

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