#ncga: A wee bit creepy

(No, Dallas.  I’m not talking about YOU.)

I found a link to the House Republican Caucus website on Twitter.  It led me to a post about HD-63 candidate Erica McAdoo (D).  A button invites visitors to “Learn More.”

When  you click on the link, you are brought to a deep-dive background check on McAdoo that borders on what you get treated to when seeking a federal security clearance.  At least the feds have the decency to keep the info confidential. 

Now, I wasn’t born yesterday.  I KNOW opposition research happens on both sides of the aisle.  I’m used to it being kept confidential for the use of a campaign brain trust.  This is the first time I’ve seen it thrown out there raw for public consumption. 

(And you wonder why more people don’t jump out there to run for office.) 

It looks like we’ve got the details of a credit check on McAdoo and her husband.  Loan amounts and outstanding balances.  What does this have to do with electability, or ability to serve constituents?

Jason Saine was broke and on unemployment when he got appointed to the House.  Now, he’s one of the most influential players in the majority. (The McAdoos appear to be in much better shape than Saine was at the start of his tenure in Raleigh.)

They’ve got her husband’s driving record in there.  WHAT has THAT got to do with her ability to be a legislator?   (And her personal finances? She’s not an elected official in a position to get paid off by dirtbag lobbyists.)

I see that the oppo report doesn’t mention that she got money from the same solar goons who have been lining the pockets of Republicans in Raleigh for years now.  *AW-KWARD.*  

I get all kinds of stuff over the transom here at Haymaker HQ.  Allegations and other assorted dirt about this politician’s spouse or kid.  If it has nothing to do with the abuse of taxpayer money, or the pol’s integrity or ability to do his or her job, I leave it alone.

In the caucus’s defense, I do think her attendance at a NC House fundraiser in NEW YORK CITY is interesting.  NYC is well outside the boundaries of House District 63.  (But GOP leaders in both chambers regularly go outside their districts and the state — to Arkansas, DC, SC, FL, and NY — to raise cash.) 

If you lean on in-office cronies to slip you some tax money to help start-up your business (so you can “promote” basketball tournaments), that’s one thing.  But a candidate’s detailed history of car and home ownership ???

Don’t get me wrong.  I hope McAdoo LOSES in November.  The things she openly supports are bad news for all of us.

But this practice of performing a Google “colonoscopy” on someone and dumping ALL the dirty details out there for everyone to see is over-the-top.  *A wee bit creepy, as the headline says.*