Pat McCrory campaign STILL alive and kicking

Pat McCrory has been away from that big house on Raleigh’s Blount Street for about 18 months now.  But his campaign operation — The Pat McCrory Committee — is still rolling right along.

The website is down, but there are still a lot of financial transactions going on.  SOMEBODY is getting paid. (Not clear WHO.)  Definitely not the actions of someone seeking to ride off into the sunset.

The receipts appear to be mostly investment dividends from money market accounts and CDs.  The committee reported $220.81  in receipts ($28,408.52 in expenses) the first half of  2018. There were receipts of  $1400.41 (expenditures of $86,636.23) for the first half of 2017.  For the second half of 2017, the committee reported $142.70 in receipts and $25,194.45 in expenses. 

McCrory’s current gig is as a radio host on Charlotte’s WBT.

The former governor has been popping up occasionally on the campaign circuit in 2017 and 2018.  The radio show, plus this new higher visibility while in private life, has fueled speculation that a political comeback may be in the offing.

Notice that the word “governor” does not appear in McCrory’s campaign committee name.  But several NCGOPe types have been crowing about a potential Cooper-McCrory rematch in 2020 for months now.

The worst kept secret in Raleigh is that Lt.Governor Dan Forest has his eye on the governor’s mansion in 2020.  Forest was a loyal soldier to McCrory while he was in office.  It would be quite interesting if we have McCrory jumping into the 2020 GOP primary for governor with Forest.

10 thoughts on “Pat McCrory campaign STILL alive and kicking

  1. This scenario does not surprise. The McCrory campaign sent holiday greeting cards to County Chairs in December 2017. A wasted gesture in my county, the leadership is firmly behind the Lieutenant Governor should he decide to run and if he doesn’t, support for McCrory won’t much be there. Guess those NCGOPe types didn’t bother to tell McCrory that he’s alienated too many formerly loyal constituencies to win the General, and he can’t un-ring that bell.

  2. Pat had his chance. Time for someone new like Dan Forest. I hope the new party treats Mr. Forest in the 2020 primaries like they did McCrory in 12.

  3. maybe McCory is going to try to run for Senate maybe he would replace Tillis if Tillis tries to run for Govenor in 2020 that seems like smart NCGOPe logic too me

    1. McCrory could beat Tillis but he might not have the stomach for it. He needs to toughen up and quit being the Charlotte woosey.

  4. McCrory bungled his term badly which is why we are stuck with Comrade Cooper and his politburo running the executive branch.

    McCrory was constantly adrift on policy and principle, and a big part of his problem was staffing his administration with careerist bureaucrats, Democrats, and liberals. Half of his cabinet was not even registered Republican, and those who at least were registered as Republican were no activist Republicans, and it got even worse the deeper you went in departments.

    Republicans do NOT need that three ring circus again.

  5. Waffeling McCory needs to retire from politics. Lt. Gov. Forest stood tall with Pres. Trump when Pat was hiding. RUN FOREST RUN!

  6. In 2020, we need Dan Forest for Governor and Mark Meadows for US Senate. There is no room for pseudo-Republicans McCrory or Tillis.

  7. Pat McCrory wasn’t ready to be Governor. He hired terrible staffers and let them run their personal agendas instead of implementing the platform he ran on. His poor leadership gave the GOP a miserable black eye with his defeat. I’ve been burned and I don’t trust him.

    I trust Dan Forest to hire good Department Secretaries and recruit talented staff for his team, not Pat’s 3rd-rate jr-grade politicos. Dan can and will lead us into the next decade with a real positive influence on the state.

    1. Your key policy players in an administration need to be politically seasoned, and on YOUR team. That is what Jim Martin hired, and his administration worked, unlike McCrory. Martin breezed to reelection.. McCrory hired a mish mash of people most of whom lacked the needed political savvy. Way too many Democrats and bureaucrats were in the bunch and ,most of the Republicans he did hire had not been around the track in the party, and so also did not pan out.

      McCrory himself has no political savvy, and he has lost two out of three races for governor so far, and if he had run a competent campaign, he would have won. He lost his first race because he absolutely forbade Jack Hawke from going negative on Purdue or even answer Purdue’s negative barbs at him. A candidate you rigidly demands to always stay positive in politics is called a loser. In his last race, he had shot himself in the foot too many times with his own base, largely due to his bad staffing.

      No more McCrory. No way!

  8. I struggle to see the difference between Pat and Dan. They are both big govt repubs with no concept of natural rights and liberty. Dan supported the NC bond big govt slush fund among other things. Neither one is interested in interposing on behalf of citizens to counter the heavy hand of the general govt. At any given time Lt Dan is right out there smiling for the camera with the statist known as Thom Tillis. What a sad joke for the folks of NC. Looks like most people will b staying at home again this year!!!

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