#ncga: Stein-ball affair “under review” in Currituck

Another driveby media outlet on the coast is sounding off on Stein-ball (aka “The Steinburg Invitational”):

 […] What the county is buying is advertising and promotion, said Currituck travel and tourism director Tameron Kugler in an email this week. The county is buying that exposure with occupancy tax money designated for promotion, Kugler said.[…]
Problem:  The county is “buying” this from a guy who admits to having NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE with this kind of thing.
The funding request went through the tourism board led by county board chairman Bobby Hanig — a close Steinburg pal running for the NC House with the assistance of Steinburg’s political operation.

5 thoughts on “#ncga: Stein-ball affair “under review” in Currituck

  1. There should be competitive bidding for $50,000 worth of county advertising, not a rotten backroom deal with an inexperienced political crony. This just reeks.

  2. The Currituck Board of Commissioners does need to review this taxpayer ripoff scam because their own chairperson, Bobbie “Hot Lips” Hanig is up to his/her eyeballs in it with his/her pal Steinburg. Of course, as a practical matter, that means there will probably be an attempted whitewash coming by election day.

    I hate to give up legislative seats, but maybe the GOP would be better off without these two corrupt buffoons.

  3. This “Couple” is so corrupt that they couldn’t wait to get to Raleigh for the back room deals! They started way before.
    Write in folks. Twiddly/Boswell

  4. I agree. The citizens and voters should avoid voting for these self serving idiots at all cost. But the Dems are much worse so I agree we need to write in Twiddy for Senate and Boswell for House.

  5. I like the write in idea. I’m sick of dishonest corruption by elected officials to make money off their priviledge of holding elected office.

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