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L’affaire LaRoque exposing chinks in Thom T’s armor?

    Talk about closing the barn door after the horses have escaped.   It’s being reported now that state House speaker Thom Tillis is recommending that his federally-indicted House colleague (and close political ally) Stephen LaRoque resign from his state House seat.  That’s *nice*…

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South Carolina state government politics: a peek into NC’s future?

    A lot of GOP activists in North Carolina are talking about how great it will be to have a Republican governor AND legislature in Raleigh after 2012.  Well, South Carolina Republicans already have that. Check out South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s Twitter feed…

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The Morning After: Looking back at Tuesday’s vote

        Well, the mainstream media did its best to tamp down enthusiasm about the state’s runoff elections. (Our local paper ran a grand total of TWO stories about the runoff — even though a local yet highly-despised resident was on the ballot….

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Grassroots NC gives WRAL a taste of its own medicine

  Grassroots NC, a gunowners rights group here in the state, is a wee bit upset about WRAL-TV’s decision to publish on its web site a searchable database of homeowners with concealed-carry permits. The group sees it as a violation of the homeowners’ privacy, and…

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Richard Morgan &Thom Tillis ally Stephen Laroque INDICTED

State Rep. Stephen Laroque (R-Kinston) has been dogged by bad publicity about his private business dealings for a year.  He barely lost his primary race in May.  NOW,  he’s been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges stemming from his private business’s handling of…

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Four hours to go: Get OUT AND VOTE !!!!

      It’s too bad that I have to step in and fill the void left by our lazy local newspaper and equally somnambulant county GOP organization.    Our state and our country are facing huge economic problems.  Every one of these races on…

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Hoover Adams, RIP

      It was with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Hoover Adams on Sunday.   Mr. Adams made a name for himself as the owner, editor and publisher of The Daily Record newspaper in Dunn, North Carolina. I had the…

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Looking for something to do on Tuesday ?

    GO VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WTVD story sparks Democrat family feud on eve of runoff

WTVD NewsChannel11 has come out with an election eve bombshell suggesting that former Labor Secretary John Brooks — trying to retake his old seat — and the late senator, governor and liberal icon Terry Sanford are racists.   Brooks and Marlowe Foster — who is…

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Facebook debate on primary meddling pits blogger vs. Thom Tillis

    What started out as a simple  get-out-the-vote message on Facebook from state House speaker Thom Tillis turned into a no-holds barred debate on the merits of the Raleigh establishment meddling in party primaries outside the beltline. The whole debate got started — and…