South Carolina state government politics: a peek into NC’s future?



A lot of GOP activists in North Carolina are talking about how great it will be to have a Republican governor AND legislature in Raleigh after 2012.  Well, South Carolina Republicans already have that.

Check out South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley’s Twitter feed to see how — ahem — *well*  that is working out.  Haley vetoed a bunch of spending she considered wasteful pork.  The GOP majority in Columbia’s legislature is overriding all of her vetoes as we speak.

Haley, in her Twitter feed — is calling out all of these Republicans who talk conservative on the campaign trail but won’t do a thing to cut spending and waste when they are at work in Columbia.

You can replace a bunch of people in government who have Ds next to their name with people who have Rs next to their names.

But if those Rs don’t have that limited government, power to the people mind-set, what have you really accomplished?