Four hours to go: Get OUT AND VOTE !!!!




It’s too bad that I have to step in and fill the void left by our lazy local newspaper and equally somnambulant county GOP organization.    Our state and our country are facing huge economic problems.  Every one of these races on the ballot today has enormous consequences for our future.

I showed up at my precinct at 3:15.  I got in and out in under FIVE MINUTES.   Now WHO can’t spare five minutes out of their life to take part in an important democratic process that thousands upon thousands of people have fought to win the right to take part in?  

I asked someone in our county party why they were not doing ANY kind of GOTV campaign for the primary or runoff.  I was told:

“THAT is for the general election.”

What about the whole idea of educating the public about the Republican candidates out there?  What about the patriotic responsibility of encouraging your friends and neighbors to get out and do their duty?

The news media is just as bad, if not worse.  Instead of actually living up to their historic duty of keeping the public — too busy working to pay attention — informed, the media has decided to go with the story line about how NO ONE cares about this runoff.  *Nice*. 

If you are lawfully registered to vote, I want you out there doing your duty as an American citizen.  It undermines the legitimacy of our government and our republic when our leaders are selected by such a SMALL percentage of the eligible population.

(Today, my precinct — one of the largest in Moore County — is on track for 3 to 5 percent participation.)

It’s over at 7:30.  You still have time.  Take five minutes and go do what’s right.