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Army court-martial proceedings @ Ft. Bragg attracting Race Pimps

        The suicide of Private Danny Chen is a real tragedy.  He was reportedly harrassed to the point of killing himself by eight of his fellow unit members: Danny Chen was tall and lanky, a smart young man from New York who…

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The Pilot’s op-ed page keeps up the scare tactics

  Our thrice weekly local paper — whose first edition was reportedly brought down the mountain on stone tablets by Moses — does a nice job of scaring its readers while utilizing very few facts and doing little, if any, investigation. They did it on…

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Lazy media STILL beating that dead horse re: runoffs

      I swear.  Listening to mainstream media types whine about the poor participation in last week’s runoffs is a lot like asking asking a bartender for a beer, and having him snap back at you to “Go get it yourself !” Our thrice…

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Campaign 2012: The cost of doing business in North Carolina

        The N&O’s senior stenographer, Rob Christensen, has a piece in today’s paper about how North Carolina’s business climate is playing a role in this year’s governor’s race.   Republicans tout studies showing the state as being in the third or fourth…

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Movies don’t kill people. Troubled people kill people.

    In the wake of that horrible, horrible, horrible event at the midnight screening of the new Batman movie, we have ALL kinds of politicos stepping forward to use the tragedy to benefit their various agendas. Of course, the gun control people are leading…

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Liberal media bias: Where it ALL begins

If you want to explore the roots of leftist bias in North Carolina’s mainstream media, look no further than The UNC School of Journalism — which has trained a great number of the granolas you see gracing the pages of  your local newspapers. Well, some…

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McCrory “pleased” with Thom Tillis

          Yep.  You read that right.  The Charlotte Observer has the details: The response by House Speaker Thom Tillis to the indictment of a fellow Republican lawmaker drew praise Friday from GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory. But his opponent, Democratic Lt….

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NC Republicans: Talking the talk, but not walking the walk on ObamaCare

All of our Republican members of Congress have been telling us — since 2010 — that they are dead set against Obamacare and committed to killing it.  Well, it is still very much alive — and The Supreme Court  chickened out on their chance to…

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Stop this woman before she spends AGAIN!

    Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (affectionately known in these parts as Miss 59%) won her election in 2010 making people believe that she signed on to the limited government agenda of the Tea Party. Since being sworn in, she’s attached herself to Eric Cantor and…

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Richard Hudson: part of DC, Raleigh establishment plan to stamp out the Tea Party

After the smoke cleared on Tuesday, Richard Hudson had convincingly stomped Scott Keadle in the GOP primary runoff for the 8th congressional district.   Hudson scooted down to North Carolina in October 2011, formed an LLC so he could call himself a businessman, and filed…