NC Republicans: Talking the talk, but not walking the walk on ObamaCare

All of our Republican members of Congress have been telling us — since 2010 — that they are dead set against Obamacare and committed to killing it.  Well, it is still very much alive — and The Supreme Court  chickened out on their chance to kill it.

On Tuesday, the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations approved funding legislation for the Department of Health and Human Services that DEFUNDS Obamacare.

A total of 127 Republicans have signed a letter to Speaker Boehner and Leader Cantor to bring the HHS bill — that DEFUNDS Obamacare — to a vote.

All of South Carolina’s Republican congressmen signed the letter.  North Carolina’s GOP members disappointingly split on the letter (Coble, Myrick and Jones signed it.  Ellmers, Foxx and McHenry DID NOT.) .

Here’s RedState’s take on the matter:

Last December, we incurred the ‘great spending betrayal’ under Republican leadership in the House. Sixty percent of House Republicans and 34% of Senate Republicans voted for a 1,200-page omnibus bill to fund the government for fiscal year 2012.  Despite the pledge to cut spending, the omnibus actually appropriated $10 billion more than the previous year.  The bill also violated the GOP pledge against bundled appropriations bills and the rule that all legislation be posted 72 hours before the vote.  Moreover, the bill contained funding for all the unsavory things they pledged to defund; most prominently, Obamacare.

Back in 2011, many members figured that the Obamacare problem would easily disappear once the Supreme Court gets involved.  Now with John Roberts’s betrayal behind us, we must take a more aggressive posture against funding Obamacare.  Republican Study Committee Chairman Jim Jordan and Tea Party Caucus Chairman Michele Bachmann took up the call and spearheaded a letter to John Boehner and Eric Cantor urging them not to bring any spending bill to the floor that funds Obamacare.

Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee approved an appropriations bill for HHS that defunds Obamacare.  Now we have 127 commitments, a majority of the GOP Conference, to hold them to their word and preclude the mistakes from last year.  Last year, only 86 members opposed the omnibus.  We would hope that the additional 41 members are serious about their commitment to vote against any omnibus that fails to defund Obamacare. […]

Renee Ellmers voted FOR that Omnibus bill that further busted the budget and funded ObamaCare.  She NOW is apparently refusing to sign on to this legislation that DEFUNDS ObamaCare.

Don’t let her get away with this.  If she’s not going to stand with us to fight this travesty, we certainly don’t have to stand with her in November.

3 thoughts on “NC Republicans: Talking the talk, but not walking the walk on ObamaCare

  1. The more I see of Renee Ellmers voting record, the more she seems to just be Bobby Etheridge in a skirt.

    It is too late to get a conservative in that sear for 2012-2014, but we desperately need to find a top tier conservative challenger for her in the 2014 primary.

  2. Anyone who is supporting Obamacare is NOT REPRESENTING their constituents! You WILL NOT be reelected!

    I REFUSE to receive the implant based on my Christian religion.

    Who is STUPID enough to even consider that anyone in their right mind would be in support of RFID for ANY purpose? STUPID, stupid politicians!

  3. The three that voted to fund 666CARE are SO not getting reelected.

    I refuse to receive that mark. And so will many others who are Christians – you know, REAL Christians.

    May God have mercy on those who pushed this through and do nothing to get rid of it.

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