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Pinehurst 2011: The Return of NewCore

    The elections for local village offices will be here soon.  Two candidates,  Nancy Fiorillo for mayor and John Cashion for council, have publicly endorsed the idea of  pushing forward with the NewCore proposal, while protecting downtown’s historical status.  It’s been a while since…

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Pinehurst 2011: Candidate Forum Follies

    The League of Women Voters held a forum this week for ALL EIGHT candidates for Pinehurst village offices.  It was quite  dog-and-pony show.  It was a dream for candidates — a lot of participants, not much time,  time limited responses, and prearranged questions….

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BarryO’s appalling VP

    Late night comedians and the alleged mainstream media have tried to tell us that Republicans Sarah Palin, Dan Quayle, and George Bush are the biggest idiots to ever set foot in the American political arena.  Yet, their silence is deafening when it comes…

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Democrat U.S. Senate kingpin “Dingy” Harry Reid: govt jobs more important than private sector

        Yep, that’s what the genius said on the floor of the United States Senate — the world’s greatest deliberative body.   (No word yet on how much he had to drink before making the statement.) : We all suspected this was…

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Pinehurst 2011: Council meetings

    Why does the village council insist on meeting at times during the week when most people under 65 are working, and are unable to attend?  Southern Pines has their meetings at night. Why can’t Pinehurst? Are the geriatrics on the board scared that…

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Two great weapons for debating economics with lefties

        I’ve stumbled across two great resources — both available for free online — that provide great info, in layman’s terms, for defending capitalism and the free market from the liberal hordes.  First, is the 2011 Budget Chart Book published by the…

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Dems & media pals tossing Bev under the bus?

        The N&O has been salivating lately over the possibility of state Rep. Bill Faison(D), who represents the Chapel Hill-Carrboro crowd in the House, challenging Boss Bev’s renomination in 2012.  This story line has been getting almost as much play as that…

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In defense of 9-9-9 and other like-minded tax reform

      Dr. Arthur Laffer, the brains behind supply-side economics and many of the policies that led to the boom of the Reagan era, has an interesting piece in today’s Wall Street Journal favoring tax reform ideas like presidential candidate Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 proposal:…

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Lay off Small Business

        The title of this post is the same as the title for an excellent, thought-provoking  op-ed a Moore County small business owner penned in a recent edition of our local paper: We shouldn’t tax people differently because they have more or…

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BarryO invades North Carolina AGAIN (Where’s Bev?)

        We didn’t ask for it, but we got it ANYWAY.  BarryO is rolling across the western end of our lovely state with his gas-guzzling, carbon-footprint-expanding bus doing damage control to try to avoid his inevitable eviction from public housing in November…