#NCSEN: For Chuck Schumer’s sock puppet, it’s all about the (special interest) Benjamins

sock puppet

Senator Kay Hagan (D-NC) — affectionately referred to in many parts as Chuck Schumers’ sock puppet — is in complete agreement with one Mr.P- Diddy:  It’s ALL about the Benjamins.

A few weeks back, CBS’ 60 Minutes had one heck of a bombshell report on leadership PACs — which we learned are quasi-legal methods for shaking down people who have business before the House or Senate.  Most Members of Congress have them.  You don’t even have to use the money for campaigning.  You can pay for real estate or vacations.  You can pay for new cars or jewelry or clothing. 

Well, ol’ Kay set up one of those suckers not long after she showed up in DC to purportedly start speaking for us little people back home.  Kay’s little scam is called The Longleaf Pine PAC.  Here’s a list of some of the functions held by the PAC where, um, “invitees” were given the privilege of filling Kay’s pantsuit pockets with cash.   Notice how so many of these are held OUT OF STATE?   Remember that when Kay starts hollering about outside influences meddling in North Carolina’s internal affairs.

Even better — here’s a list of some of the high dollar donors to Kay’s leadership PAC.  Lobbyists, lobbyists, lobbyists and more lobbyists.  I see a grand total of ONE PERSON on this list who can even VOTE for her in November 2014. 

Two of the more interesting names on the list are Mickey Arison — owner of The Miami Heat and recently-departed CEO of ill-fated Carnival Cruise Lines — and his wife Madeleine.