Burr’s dalliances with the Democrats date back to at least 2002

111003_richard_burr_ap_328I’ve heard some grumbling from folks about Senator Richard Burr’s steadfast support for congressman Mel Watt in his efforts to become Barry Obama’s new director of the Federal Housing Finance Authority.  I wonder what those same folks will say when they learn about then-congressman Burr’s 2002 endorsement of an incumbent Jim Hunt-appointed Court of Appeals judge in her re-election fight against a Republican challenger.  

Then-Judge Loretta Biggs (D), appointed to the Court of Appeals in 2001 in the waning days of the fourth Jim Hunt term, was facing off against then-Union County Superior Court Judge Sanford Steelman (R). 

Okay.  Let’s go to an endorsement editorial published Nov. 2, 2002 by The Wilmington Star-News:

burr endorse,

Steelman, the Republican, ended up defeating Biggs, the Democrat incumbent, by 51 to 49 percent.