Burr’s dalliances with the Democrats date back to at least 2002

111003_richard_burr_ap_328I’ve heard some grumbling from folks about Senator Richard Burr’s steadfast support for congressman Mel Watt in his efforts to become Barry Obama’s new director of the Federal Housing Finance Authority.  I wonder what those same folks will say when they learn about then-congressman Burr’s 2002 endorsement of an incumbent Jim Hunt-appointed Court of Appeals judge in her re-election fight against a Republican challenger.  

Then-Judge Loretta Biggs (D), appointed to the Court of Appeals in 2001 in the waning days of the fourth Jim Hunt term, was facing off against then-Union County Superior Court Judge Sanford Steelman (R). 

Okay.  Let’s go to an endorsement editorial published Nov. 2, 2002 by The Wilmington Star-News:

burr endorse,

Steelman, the Republican, ended up defeating Biggs, the Democrat incumbent, by 51 to 49 percent.

2 thoughts on “Burr’s dalliances with the Democrats date back to at least 2002

  1. It is no small wonder that a progressive guy like Burr makes plays like this. When burr ran against sandy sands and was attacked by sands as nothing but a mere appliance salesman, sands stuck his foot is his mouth. Sands was attempting to articulate the larger truth that burr was for sale–not just a salesman. If sands had made the point that burr was for sale, he likely would have won and connected with voters rather than alienating them.

  2. Word has it that ”Tricky Dick” Burr is for sale right now, to the highest K Street bidder. His intended career path from 2016 is as a K Street lobbyist, not a US Senator, which is why he cares more about pleasing the K Street special interests than the citizens of North Carolina.

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