Thom & Karl are throwing some parties. (We’re not invited.)




Fasten your seatbelts, folks.  Our state House speaker, Thom Tillis, and the Tea Party’s arch-nemesis, Karl Rove, are embarking on a three-day fundraising marathon to capture a second US Senate seat from North Carolina for the GOP establishment.  Tillis went to a Rove party in DC, and it looks like ol’ Bald & Evil is returning the favor in The Tar Heel State.

Here’s the invite.   (Ahem.  Mine must have been lost in the mail.)  So, if you have a few thousand bucks to spare — you’re in the door. 

3 thoughts on “Thom & Karl are throwing some parties. (We’re not invited.)

  1. I call all the Rove candidates ”Rovers” because they are all bow-wows. Rove is not only the nemesis of the Tea Party but of conservatives generally. His endorsement is like the kiss of death. I would never vote for a Rover in a primary, and it would take some real convincing to make me vote for a Rover in a general election.

    Rove is an evil force and needs to be run out of the Republican Party. His sitting on the sidelines instead of putting his PAC’s money in, helped us narrowly lose Virginia. He likely had something to do with the RNC pulling out as well. If those turkeys won’t support a good conservative like Ken Cuccinelli, then we need to sit on our hands for their Rover candidates.

    One Tricky Dick (Burr) is more than enough. We don’t need to add a Tricky Thom.

  2. Looks to me like you have an invite right in front of you, Brant. Why not put your money where your mouth is? Print out the invite, write a good check for $1000 to the campaign, fill out the paperwork- and you are in the door!!! I can’t imagine you or your money will be turned away, as you imply Go to the one at the stadium and I’ll buy you a post event beer.

    1. No thinking conservative would give a nickel to either of those anti-conservatives, Karl Rove or Thom ”Toll Road” Tillis. Rove has clearly stated his intent to attack conservatives, and his lap dog Tillis is just part of his pack of mongrels he intends to use to do that.

      If you liked Richard Morgan, you must love Thom Tillis. Both have had a history of serving the special interests instead of conservative principle. Tillis was brought into politics by Morgan as an anti-conservative. He still is one.

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