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#ncpol: ‘Occupy Elaine’ & co. aiding pro-Hillary electoral college coup attempt?

Apparently, Elaine Marshall’s office thinks I am a presidential elector.  (One of the secretary of state’s duties is to oversee our state’s participation in The Electoral College. )  I’m getting email from those folks: […] Sent: Wed, Nov 23, 2016 3:25 pm Subject: The Secretary…

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#ncpol: An interesting observation

Here’s The Winston-Salem Journal:  […] According to complete but unofficial results, Cooper won early voting statewide 1.52 million to 1.34 million, while McCrory won Election Day by an 845,579 to 681,035 margin. The absentee vote to date is 89,920 for McCrory and 80,989 for Cooper….

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#ncga: ??? (Ruh-roh.)

Donald Trump used that slogan pretty effectively to coast to The White House.  It seems like someone in-state is trying to do something similar in Raleigh.  A site called popped up on the Internet thingie today. The webmaster(s) is / are apparently NOT fans…

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#ncga: (Back-stabbing and intimidation, oh my.) YET EVEN MORE fear & loathing in the caucus room

In the wake of the announcement of Harry Warren’s challenge to Tim Moore for the House speakership, my GOP House caucus sources tell me the following warning has been handed down from the current speaker’s allies: “If you even think about speaking highly about Harry Warren,…

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#ncga: When suck-ups attack

Jimmy Dixon is pretty unremarkable when it comes to being a legislator.  You’ll never find him too far away from Speaker Tim Moore, or chairmen Nelson Dollar or David Lewis. (We reported to you earlier about his amazing ability to get bank loans for his…

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#ncga: Colon Campbell does the Rules Chairman a solid

Listen to this bit-of-butt-hurt-holier-than-thou-snowflake-lite sermonizing from state Rep. David Lewis, a top ally to Speaker Tim Moore: […] “There are forces at work following this election that I do not understand – forces of hate and intolerance. I condemn those forces. I condemn the KKK…

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Did I-77 toll brouhaha end up killing McCrory’s reelection?

“There was a lot of cash attached to this deal.  Tillis got the money and went to DC. McCrory stayed in Raleigh and took the blame and the beat-down.” —  Senior GOP source on the impact of the I-77 toll road dispute —- A lot…

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#ncga: A race for speaker

The family feud that has been simmering under the radar appears to have bubbled to the surface.  As the dust clears from Tuesday’s vote, a conservative-led coalition of House Republicans is launching a challenge to the reelection of Speaker Tim Moore. State Rep. Harry Warren…

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#ncga: Moore Tim (or a LOT less)?

The dust is clearing from election day, and there is already talk of a potential palace coup within the lower chamber on Jones Street. I know, I know.  There was talk of overthrowing Thom Tillis after his first term as speaker.  (And, of course, nothing…

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#ncga: A special session for a REALLY dumb, under-handed reason

If I hadn’t heard about this from so many elected sources, I might have passed this off as pure nonsense.  But, hey.  A lot of nonsense goes down in Raleigh every day. Apparently, the powers-that-be on Jones Street are plotting to call a special session…