#ncga: (Back-stabbing and intimidation, oh my.) YET EVEN MORE fear & loathing in the caucus room

26730_tim_moore_headshot_unctIn the wake of the announcement of Harry Warren’s challenge to Tim Moore for the House speakership, my GOP House caucus sources tell me the following warning has been handed down from the current speaker’s allies:

“If you even think about speaking highly about Harry Warren, your life will be over.  If you even think about hanging out with someone we think supports Harry Warren, we will make your life miserable. If you are seen gazing longingly in the direction of Harry Warren, you are done. If there is even the slightest whiff of Harry Warren that can be detected on you, you’re done here in Raleigh.”

Wow.  That sounds even more ominous than what they’ve been threatening my still-undiscovered moles with. 

*It’s so nice to see that it’s about unity and pressing a conservative agenda.   Not about a cult of personality, cliques, gangster-style pay-to-630play or anything selfish or seedy like that.*

The vote is Monday on the GOP nominee for House speaker.  And the arm twisting is FIERCE.  We understand that at least ONE high-profile Republican, who has been critical of Moore, has approached Team Moore with a proposal: “Give me a top chairmanship next go around, and I’ll either skip the vote entirely or attend and abstain.  And I’ll take three more folks with me.”

*Oh, it’s so nice to see that it truly is all about serving the folks back home, and not about personal ambitions or anything.*   I HOPE HOPE HOPE this legislator and their pals follow through with that.  I have the detailed goods to seriously call them out by name on it.