#ncga: When suck-ups attack

Jimmy Dixon is pretty unremarkable when it comes to being a legislator.  You’ll never find mailhim too far away from Speaker Tim Moore, or chairmen Nelson Dollar or David Lewis. (We reported to you earlier about his amazing ability to get bank loans for his campaign with NO DUE DATE for repayment.)  He’s also used some pretty, um. colorful language on this site in replying to conservative critics of House leadership.

He sooooo wants to be part of the “popular crowd” that he’s willing to do whatever it takes at the drop of a hat.  Harry Warren came out pretty aggressively this weekend in announcing his challenge to the reelection of Tim Moore as House speaker.

That apparently got under the skin of the ruling troika in that chamber, so they trotted out Dixon — their attack poodle from Duplin County hisself — to return fire:

Dear Harry,images

     Having received your email announcing your candidacy for Speaker of the House for the 2017-2018 session, and having given “sincere and objective consideration” to your proposal, this is to inform you that I am more committed than ever to cast my vote for Tim Moore for Speaker of the House.

It appears that your correspondence, addressed to “Fellow Caucus Members,” must have gone to all current and newly elected members.  However, believing in the principle of first going straight to an individual with whom we have differences before airing those differences with others, this correspondence will first go only to you for your consideration to give you the opportunity to call or otherwise correspond with me before I share my thoughts with the rest of the caucus.

I plan to send my response to your request for support to the rest of the caucus no later than 3:00 pm today unless you can provide me with ample reason that I am misguided in my feelings in which case I would gladly adjust my response before sending it to all caucus members.

   If my response goes almost immediately, as yours did, to certain outlets it will not be because I sent it.  At least we have now narrowed down to the fifteen who attended your meeting in Raleigh yesterday those who may have desire to use such outlets to prop-up their positions in a manner that, without question, in reprehensible.26730_tim_moore_headshot_unct

  It seems that several who attended were less than impressed but never-the less, here is my response.

You start out by trying to bolster your case by coupling the Trump success as an attempt to set the stage to compare NC to DC.  You failed.  No one has attended more NC Trump rallies than I have and he has never said there were any “swamps to be drained” in NC.  Quite the contrary, he has praised ALL NC leadership.

So you are 0 for 1.

Your second paragraph was a repeat of the first.

So you are 0 for 2.

We preserved our super majority because of a lot of very hard work by a lot of very dedicated people who got a very late start on correcting poor efforts to fundraise and establish winning team efforts and who were in constant catch-up mode.  And they did it while in mid-stream and in the very heat of the battle.  And they could NOT have done it without the fundraising efforts and quality leadership of Tim Moore.

Wait.  Correcting poor efforts to fundraise and establish winning team efforts?  WHO was in charge during the time all that stuff happened that needed correcting?  MORE: 

     You and others got on the Trump train after it had a full head of steam.  And God be thanked that we, with our great six year history of successes had coat-tails for him and he had coat-tails for us.

So you are 0 for 3.630

Next you incriminate yourself because your very letter requesting support went straight to the group of morons who have as their main objective giving the Democrats and liberals all the food fight material from within our caucus.    […]

*You talkin’ about me, Jimmy?  How sweet.* MORE: 

     So, you are 0 for 4.

Then you have the gall to do exactly what the Democrats do and make broad accusations and assertions without one single objective fact stated to back-up your claims.  Come to think about it, you have the Democratic play book down pretty good.

So you are 0 for 5.

Weakening our base???  What planet have you been on?  Our base has never been more with us and they do read much the positive material written by well qualified folks about the business climate in NC.

So you are 0 for 5.bribe-5

Now we finally get to something you are right about but your first right statement is a condemnation of your methods and actions.  Yes, “we must change the way we conduct ourselves.”  Remember, “Example sheds a genial ray that others are apt to follow, so first improve yourself today and others tomorrow.”  How could you even consider asking me for support when you didn’t feel enough loyalty to pay your agreed-to caucus dues?  You made a correct statement but you have exhibited the wrong action.

Um, Jimmy.  More than HALF of the caucus is in arrears on their “dues.”   Calling those “dues” “agreed-to” is like saying you “agreed to” give half your take to Tony Soprano and his guys. There’s a wee bit of pressure involved.  

People are furious about having to bust their butt to raise money only to have it spent on Tim Moore’s condo, vacations, propping up RINO incumbents against conservative primary challengers, and Jason Saine’s clothes.  MORE: 

     So you are 0 for 6.saine2

You ask me “to consider the past two years of turmoil and conflict.”  Another example of using democratic liberal demagogy to say just look at the bad and accentuate that above the great good that has been accomplished.   You are asking me to accept your false narrative that because of the lack of total success we have total failure.

So you are 0 for 7.

You are then exactly right about me when you say “we cannot endure another two-year term marred by discord and vindictiveness.”  The very essence of your approach is to sow discord toward others and our proven record of accomplishment to bolster your distorted views of the last two years.  I will not quietly endure your style of discord.

So you are 0 for 8.

Then you completely miss an elementary point; it is the Majority Leader not the Speaker who has the prime responsibility to collaborate with and develop the vision of the House caucus and determine how we get there.

So you are 0 for 9.dl

Yes, we do have “another opportunity to demonstrate a higher standard.”  I suggest you heed your own advice.  You have gone pretty low with this approach.

So you are 0 for 10.

Then you again attempt to deceive me by asking me to accept another false narrative that NC and DC have the same level of corruption and can be equated as needing the same level of corrective action. That just ain’t so and you know it so Stop and think Harry;  You and I have been eye witness to the changes we have made to move NC from the corruption existing prior to 2011 to the current better state of affairs.

Fletcher Hartsell?  $19000 in clothes?  Bank loans with no due dates? Condo “rent” payments on property you already own? Paying yourself for campaigning for yourself? Pay to play allegations? Disappearing ethics complaints?  (Whatcha’ talkin’ ’bout, Jimmy?) 

     So you are 0 for 11.dolmore

Then you shamefully bloviate and pronounce the “straw that broke” this camels’ “back.”  You owe everyone in this caucus an apology by invoking comparison of members of the current leadership of our caucus with Marc Basnight, Jim Black, Richard Morgan, et. al.

So you are now worse than 0 for 12 with me.

Then you again use democratic generalizations without specifics to suggest to me that I have been “distracted by poor leadership.”  And you do this apparently oblivious to or not willing to consider, on balance, the great accomplishments we have achieved under our current leadership.

So you are now 0 for 13.

   Finally, I think the real Harry Warren is exhibited in your concluding pledge but sadly, your preamble was filled with too much venom, scorn, mean-spiritedness, and was the personification of grinding not only your ax but also the axes of other misguided souls.

Having expressed my thoughts directly to you in the first instance, Harry I stand ready to extend the hand of fellowship for additional discussion prior to the time I send this response to the full caucus to give you opportunity to better inform me in areas you may feel I have missed the mark.

You may contact me at jimdixon222@att.net or 910-590-1740.