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Thom & Renee & The VA: Great Minds thinking alike

Providing for veterans’ health care is the least we can do for the multitudes who have served and sacrificed in uniform for this country.  It’s incredibly unfortunate that we are subjecting to those folks to a system with all the efficiency of the DMV and…

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Are “WE” sure “WE” want to go THERE, girlfriend?

I thought this HAD to be an April Fool’s joke — given the fact it broke on April 1.  Renee Ellmers apparently introduced legislation blocking payment of White House staffer salaries due to failure to do their jobs.   First — am I seriously hearing someone…

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NC’s Jones, SC’s Mulvaney stand strong on spending, while rest of US House GOP folds like cheap suit

“And the beat goes on … ” — Sonny & Cher ——————————- The drive-bys have been calling last week’s vote on the 2016 federal budget in the GOP-controlled US House as ”conservative.”   Seventeen members of the House GOP caucus would beg to differ with that…

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House OKs expensive Boehner-Pelosi deal on Medicare

I just want to say to the American people, don’t look now but we’re actually governing.” — Renee Ellmers ————- Barry Obama likes it.  Renee Ellmers likes it.  John Boehner LOVES IT.  So does Nancy Pelosi.  (We should ALL be worried.)  We’re talking about the…

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Beware Congress’s Medicare SGR replacement

The Club for Growth doesn’t like it.  Congresswoman Renee Ellmers appears to LOVE it.    The “it” I am talking about is Congress’s plan to replace the “Sustainable Growth Rate” formula for Medicare.  (I’ve been pretty happy with the Club For Growth’s record on fighting big…

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NC-02: Pro-lifers circulate letter of condemnation targeting Renee Ellmers

The representative for North Carolina’s Second Congressional District is still feeling the political aftershocks from her decision earlier this year to lead the torpedoing of a late-term abortion bill.  A leading anti-abortion / pro-life organization has targeted Renee Ellmers with an online letter of condemnation:…

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NC-02: Ellmers a rising star with national pro-abortion, liberal GOP group

It appears that Big Government Barbie has launched her national tour.  She’s hit Phoenix, and spent the weekend in Austin at South By Southwest. We’ve written before about Renee Ellmers’s passionate ties to something called Women2Women.  (They might want to think about a name change….

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Public-private partnerships for delivery of social services ????

“Social Impact Bonds” is one of the new buzz-terms bouncing around the DC Beltway. Bi-partisan “get-something-done” legislation promoting this concept has been introduced in the US House.  The subject was part of a panel of discussion at this weekend’s South By Southwest (SXSW) conference in…

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NC-02: Don’t believe the hype.

You seriously need to take Chuck D and Flavor Flav’s advice regarding those TV ads hyping “conservative champion” Renee Ellmers.  They’re sponsored by American Action Network — a gaggle of pro-amnesty RINOs cheerleading for Barry Obama’s amnesty.  (They are also quite cozy with those Boehner and…

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NCGOP once again meddling in local politics?

Are Republican power-brokers in the state trying to manipulate party organizations at the local level? It’s starting to look that way.  We reported on US Rep. Renee Ellmers issuing an endorsement via email prior to the vote for Cumberland County GOP chairman.  (That race featured…