NC-02: Don’t believe the hype.

pubenYou seriously need to take Chuck D and Flavor Flav’s advice regarding those TV ads hyping “conservative champion” Renee Ellmers.  They’re sponsored by American Action Network — a gaggle of pro-amnesty RINOs cheerleading for Barry Obama’s amnesty.  (They are also quite cozy with those Boehner and McCarthy chaps who run things where Ellmers currently works.) 

AAN’s “conservative champion” just got rated as the North Carolina delegation’s most liberal Republican.  The ad describes Ellmers as fighting for “less debt.”  Remember all of those debates about raising the debt ceiling?  Renee voted in support of all of those debt ceiling increases.  Increasing the debt ceiling = MORE DEBT. Not less. MORE. 

And “fiscal accountability”?  Accountability is a synonym for responsibility.  HOW responsible is it to keep voting for debt ceiling increases when we already have $16 trillion in debt?Renee Ellmers

American Action Network also neglects to mention that their “conservative champion” chose to embrace The Ripon Society — a liberal Republican group seeking to remove all of those *icky* church people and *right wing extremists* from the GOP.

The fact that these ads are running a year before the election shows that the statist establishment in DC is worried about their useful idiot succumbing to the wrath of the voters.

5 thoughts on “NC-02: Don’t believe the hype.

  1. The liberal Republican pro-amnesty bunch at American Action Network are not only trying to prop up liberal Republicans who voted to fund Obama’s radical executive amnesty power grab like Ellmers, but they are also attacking conservative Congressmen who voted against funding Obama’s executive amnesty.

    Fortunately, the Senate Cosnervatives Fund came to the rescue of those conservatives being attacked and raised almost twice as much money for their defense as AAN used in attacking them.

    The thoroughgoing dishonesty of the AAN in its political advertising should be well known to those in the 7th district, where AAN ran a very dishonest smear campaign in the primary last year.

  2. I think there are a lot of people in NC2 who would do almost anything to rid us of Ellmers. She has become a pestilence.

  3. We find it hard to believe those in the 2 nd district are not loving Renee. She has been the best liberal they have ever elected. The difference between her and Etheridge is a skirt. Who knew she was going to Washington to have a romantic rendezvous on the taxpayers dime. She raises the debt limit, don’t protect the boarders, believes in gay marriage and didn’t support efforts to stop killing babies. Please vote for her again!

    Pasty K
    NC Dem Support Staff.

  4. We Grassroots Conservatives will fight hard this time to primary her and WIN! We will be battling the Establishment and it will take $$ to defeat this disgraceful woman, but this time we will fight to replace her with a decent person. I hope Jim Duncan decides to run and if he does, those of us who know how she holds her constituents in contempt must fight with our time and money to defeat her.

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