#NCGOP: All the way with A.J.?

daoudClaude Pope isn’t running again for state chairman.  All kinds of establishment types have fallen behind somebody named Craig Collins to replace him.  Somebody named Hasan Harnett is also seeking the chairmanship.    Of course, Carolyn Justice — a reformed (?) Richard Morgan groupie  — is running again for vice-chairman. As you can imagine, there is a significant crowd of activists who are not thrilled with the current choices for the next generation of party leadership.

We reported in November about some talk on the street of 6th congressional district chairman — and former NC Secretary of State candidate — A.J. Daoud eyeing a run for state party chairman. A “Draft A.J.” page has suddenly showed up on Facebook. 

March is the month for all of these county GOP conventions.  If you want to have a say in the state chairman’s race, you need to go to your county convention and get appointed to represent the county at the state level.