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#ncpol: He WON’T leave! (OMG)

If you believe everything you read — especially things like Dallas’s Grandpa’s Christmas cards — we’re being set up for TWO MORE YEARS of the Dallas & Grandpa Show: I guess the RNC wasn’t willing to take him off our hands for a do-nothing convention…

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Ch-Ch-Ch-Chaaaaaaaaanges (at the top of NCGOP?)

It’s not unusual for heads to roll in an organization after an abysmal performance.  Sports teams.  political campaigns.  corporations.  It happens a lot. Conservatives have been griping, with good reason, for some time about the management of the North Carolina Republican Party.  Until this year….

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Lee County’s Jim Womack to challenge Robin Hayes for NCGOP chairman’s post

Somebody needs to wake Dallas’s grandpa.  It appears the old man MAY have a fight on his hands.  Here are the details from a release out of Lee County: Lee County Republican Party Chairman Jim Womack has announced he will challenge Robin Hayes in his…

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NC Dems smack down tranny

Apparently, trannies are A-Okay to take potty breaks with your wives and daughters, but NOT to lead the North Carolina Democrat Party: Hundreds of N.C. Democratic Party leaders from across the state will meet Saturday at Rolesville High School to elect a new chair. The…

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#ncga: House GOP taking a left turn to replace Jeter?

It appears that House Republican leaders may be on the verge of replacing the most liberal Republican for 2015 with one of the most liberal of 2016. Republicans are gathering Thursday in Asheboro to pick a new Conference Chairman to replace the recently-resigned Charles Jeter.  The conference chairman…

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#NCGOP (Damn! Was that an Earthquake ????)

The rumors of the grassroots’ demise are greatly exaggerated. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, foresaw the events that transpired at the NCGOP convention in Raleigh today.  Cabarrus County Tea Party activist Hasan Harnett decisively defeated the establishment choice — somebody named Craig Collins — in…

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#ncgop Meet Valerie.

We reported earlier on a NCGOP chairman candidate’s forum in Lee County.  Establishment favorite Craig Collins sent a surrogate — a woman named Valerie — to speak in his stead.  On video, she identified herself as an alumna of Campbell University and former president of…

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#NCGOP: RNC official meddling in state party chairman race?

That is the word on the street.  What got the ball rolling here was a rather cryptic post on Facebook by AJ Daoud, the 6th congressional district GOP chairman, who is apparently the focus of a draft campaign for the state party chairman’s post. Sources familiar…

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#NCGOP: All the way with A.J.?

Claude Pope isn’t running again for state chairman.  All kinds of establishment types have fallen behind somebody named Craig Collins to replace him.  Somebody named Hasan Harnett is also seeking the chairmanship.    Of course, Carolyn Justice — a reformed (?) Richard Morgan groupie  — is…

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Changes at the top for NCGOP?

The word is  being disseminated that NCGOP chairman Claude Pope is not interested in a second go-around.  Sources tell me that state GOP vice chairman Carolyn Justice is being quietly maneuvered to succeed Pope in the party’s top job. Justice is a former legislator from…