#ncga: House GOP taking a left turn to replace Jeter?

imagesIt appears that House Republican leaders may be on the verge of replacing the most liberal Republican for 2015 with one of the most liberal of 2016.

Republicans are gathering Thursday in Asheboro to pick a new Conference Chairman to replace the recently-resigned Charles Jeter.  The conference chairman is the chief political officer of the Republican caucus — managing the PR, messaging, fundraising, candidate recruitment and all other things political for House Republicans.  

Cumberland County’s John Szoka — well known as a staunch loyalist to the ruling Moore-Lewis-Dollar troika and a foot soldier for Big Solar — is apparently ”passing around his resumé” on the eve of the big caucus vote.

According to the American Conservative Union, Jeter was the most liberal member of the House Republican caucus for 2015.   For 2016, Civitas Action had ranked Jeter’s conservatism at 66.7 on a scale of 100.  In terms of “conservative effectiveness,” he fell in at about 56th of out a possible 120.  

Szoka, on the other hand, appears to have outflanked Jeter on the left.  Civitas Action has Szoka rated with a 57.1 out of a possible 100.  They ranked him 65th out of a possible 120 for conservative omgwtfeffectiveness. 

To give you some perspective on these rankings, let’s look at William Brisson — arguably the most conservative Democrat in the House.   They have him TIED EXACTLY with Szoka for 2016.

Other than Jimmy Dixon — who, I remind you, told us that he really, really really is not interested in the job — Szoka is the only name I’ve heard.  If Republicans tap Szoka to fill this high-ranking influential post in their chamber, it tells me that conservatism, and adherence to the philosophy of limited government, no longer matters in Jones Street’s lower chamber.  It’s all about loyalty to the troika. And jumping when Big Solar says JUMP. 

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  1. “If Republicans tap Szoka to fill this high-ranking influential post in their chamber, it tells me that conservatism, and adherence to the philosophy of limited government, no longer matters in Jones Street’s lower chamber.”

    I think we already know this to be reality. I really wish some of these local County Parties would wake up to what they’ve sent to Raleigh and care enough to take them down by any means necessary.

  2. I had hoped Governor would consider a more conservative. Governor’s selections are not Conservation. WE will have more Solar Bee’s in NC Polluted Rivers that do not work.

  3. This is perfect! Another key supporter of President Obama’s green energy agenda. John Szoka is in our pocket. He doesn’t give a crap about your silly old Republican platform. He wipes his ass with it. He cares about President Obama’s green energy agenda. Szoka supports the President’s policies that are intended to cause electric rates for consumers ”to necessarily skyrocket”[ (using President Obama’s own words). He does not care about the peon citizens of North Carolina, just about following the President’s green energy agenda. Thank you, Republicans. You are doing your bit for President Obama’s key policy agenda items.

    And didn’t Szoka also vote to spend NC taxpayer money on Michelle Obama’s Food Deserts agenda this last session?

    1. If we factor in, as we should, the cost of fossil fuel pollution (air and water in particular) in our energy production, renewable energy is MUCH cheaper.

      1. You seem to not understand the plan. By driving up the cost of electricity by pushing supply on to more renewables, we force consumers to use less of it. If the rednecks can’t afford the electric rates, they will not run their air conditioners, and therefore less electricity will be used, helping save the planet for the polar bears.

        Germany is well on the way. Thanks to their big push for renewables, their consumer electric rates have tripled to some of the highest in the world. That is the path we want America to go down, so that as President Obama himself says our electric rates ”will necessarily skyrocket”.. Progressive Republicans like John Szoka, Nelson Dollar, Jason Saine, Kelly Hastings, and Tim Moore help us do that.

        1. And I am saying that while the cost of renewable energy may seem high; when the pollution costs of non-renewables is factored in, they are just as or more expensive as renewable. As the costs rise, American innovation will work toward efficiencies and smarter use of our power sources.

          1. Pollution? What about the carcinogens and other hazardous substances that are in those solar panels and wind turbines? What about when a tornado plows through a solar farm and visits those on its neighbors? Or knocks over a wind turbine? Or a wind turbines crashes or burns on its own, as has happened. The British press has had some revealing pictures of wind turbines on fire and also crashed to the ground.

            The wind and solar special interests have been claiming for thirty years that efficient renewable energy is just around the corner, and it has not happened yet. The fact that both sources are intermittent means that is unlikely to ever happen.

            And as to pollution from wind energy, who could forget the investigative journalism of a major British newspaper which found ”pollution on a disastrous scale” from the wind energy industry:


          2. Where is this pollution cost? I assume we are already paying it as we have used traditional fuels for what 150 or more years? At this point it is an insignificant driver or issue in the debate……never mind that solar panels are produced with chemicals that are higly polluting. And disposing of them will be a huge cost when they are past the useful life.

        2. I’m with ALGore, to hell with the future. I want to save a couple of bucks on my energy bills every month – NOW!

          1. Couple of bucks? We found lemmings just like you in Germany. Renewable energy tripled their residential electric bills. Save polar bears, y’all!

          2. This major energy investment consultant, Dr, Kent Moors, has figured out what renewable energy is doing to German electric bills. Maybe you had better read it so you will understand what our buddies Moore, Saine, Szoka, Lewis, and Dollar are trying to do in North Carolina:


            And I am glad you still are a true beleiver in our Global Warming / Climate change cult. That British High Court was such a stinker to rule that my movie, An Inconvenient Truth on that subject is a ”propaganda film” and contains multiple serious errors of fact. There is no need to study the details, just continue your belief. I’ll bet you also still believe I invented the internet.

          3. Dr. Kent Moore’s description of himself…

            “THE genius behind the television, lasers, remote controls and DVDs…”

            He also offers investments with up to a 100,000% return.

          4. By the way Germany imports 61.4% of their fossil fuels. They are at the mercy of the world’s market. Using them as an example of what might happen in the U.S. We import only 1/3 of our petro, 2% of our natural gas and no coal.

          5. Germany has always imported the majority of its fossil fuels. What has changed that has tripled Germany’s consumer electric bills is its huge expansion of the use of much more expensive wind and solar.

            Expansion of wind and solar have also caused consumer electric rates to skyrocket in other European countries like Spain.

            And to maintain consistent power supplies, something an intermittent source like wind and solar cannot do alone, the extensive use of wind and solar has ironically led Germany to record imports of American coal to provide backup when the wind is not blowing or the sun is not shining.

          6. Germany’s problem is that renewables have become SO successful that traditional utilities have to raise rates in order to maintain their plants and the grid. Businesses that have gone completely off the grid have increased by 50% since last year. Demand is lower so prices go up to the consumer. Sooner or later the fossil fuel energy producers will have to curtail operations to find the balance. The outdated grid in Germany is unable to transfer the abundance of renewable energy created in Northern Germany to the demand in Southern Germany. We have the same problem here. Utilities have been passing profits to investors instead of upgrading infrastructure.
            Germany is proud of their renewable efforts. It’s a national movement. As soon as the infrastructure is updated and the balance found, Germany’s people will benefit from cleaner cheaper energy. It’s an investment that most are willing to pay for today for a better future. But Germany faces the same problem we do here – fossil fuels and coal companies aren’t going down without a fight.

          7. You do not seem to comprehend that wind and solar are intermittent sources of electricity. They provide no power if the wind is not blowing or is blowing too hard or if the sun is not shining. Thus there has to be backup in the system. The more renewable there is in the grid, the more backup there has to be. It is very inefficient to have that capacity sit idle at times, and it is also inefficient to keep turning it on and off. That is what really pushes up the cost of renewable energy, which is more expensive to generate in the first place. The more wind and solar in the mix, the more backup there has to be, and the more the cost goes up. That is not fixable unless someone comes up with an effective and efficient way to store electricity on a very large scale, and that is nowhere on the horizon.

            The need for backup to wind and solar is why Germany is now importing more American coal than it has any time in its history. High costs for backup that is inefficiently used in an on and off manner is also the future North Carolina faces as more and more wind and solar gets built. Duke Energy used the higher cost of renewables as justification for their latest rate increase.

            The hard core environmental movement agrees with you that tripling consumers electric bills is a good thing. That will force them to turn off the air conditioner and save the polar bears. Consumers may not like it, but who in the environmental movement cares about them?

          8. Utilities do a great job of adjusting to demand. It happens every day. The balance will be found.

          9. You keep dodging the issue. The more renewable in the mix, the more backup capacity you have to maintain, and that gets expensive, as does shutting down and firing up power plants. which happens more often the more wind and solar is involved, since they are intermittent.

            Wind and solar with the wrong set of circumstances can even crash the whole grid as the UK almost had happen a few winters ago. They had a very cold spell, with snow on the ground, cloudy, with no wind. There was huge demand and no power supply coming from wind or solar. They barely kept ahead of a grid crash running everything else they could. With a little more percentage shifted to wind and solar, they likely would have seen their power grid go down.

            If the costs can just be driven up enough, consumers will have to use less electricity and the polar bears will be saved. The hard core environmental movement and the German government are proud of their renewable power. It is just those pesky German consumers who are not so happy with their electric bills. As President Obama has said for our own country, his green energy policies will cause electric rates ”to necessarily skyrocket”.

  4. Give readers some information about Rep Millis’s conservative group. Reporting RINO tactics ad nauseum
    Enlightens no one.

  5. One concern is that they seem to want to put people on the far left end of the GOP spectrum in charge of candidate support and candidate recruitment, which is the opposite of what the voter base of the GOP wants. This is how we get so many legislators who thumb their noses at the principles in our platform. This is a pattern and it is a pattern that is bad for the party.

    Our NCGOP Plan of Organization puts legislative candidate recruitment in the hands of the party organization, not the legislative caucus, in the first place. It is time for the party to take that function, which belongs to it anyway, back. We have had too many lazy party leaders and lazy staff who have let the legislative caucus usurp the proper role of the party organization in candidate recruitment.

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