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#ncga: Solar goons tighten their grip on ANOTHER ONE.

  The Democrat Party isn’t the biggest threat to this country and this state.  It’s deep-pocketed powerful individuals ready to buy off whomever is currently in charge so they can pocket even more of OUR money:   A solar industry group solicited campaign contributions for…

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#ncga: Mr. Solar moves to Leadership

On Thursday afternoon, the Republican caucus filled one of its leadership posts, vacated due to the resignation of one of its more liberal members, with ANOTHER RINO. As we suspected, Rep. John Szoka (RINO-Cumberland) was unanimously elected to fill the vacant Republican Conference chairman position….

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#ncga: House GOP taking a left turn to replace Jeter?

It appears that House Republican leaders may be on the verge of replacing the most liberal Republican for 2015 with one of the most liberal of 2016. Republicans are gathering Thursday in Asheboro to pick a new Conference Chairman to replace the recently-resigned Charles Jeter.  The conference chairman…