#ncga: Mr. Solar moves to Leadership

imagesOn Thursday afternoon, the Republican caucus filled one of its leadership posts, vacated due to the resignation of one of its more liberal members, with ANOTHER RINO.

As we suspected, Rep. John Szoka (RINO-Cumberland) was unanimously elected to fill the vacant Republican Conference chairman position. Szoka, a close ally of the House’s ruling troika and a foot soldier for Big Solar, will now be Leadership’s point man on all things political for the caucus — messaging, fundraising, candidate recruitment, strategy. 

Does this signify a left turn in the temperament of House Republicans?  I asked ONE attendee of the Republican confab in Asheboro:

“It’s not that we’re all in love with Szoka. Let’s face it, it’s a crap job that NOBODY else wanted. Fundraising is a mess.  So is strategy and messaging.   There is a real short time to try and get things ship-shape.  The job puts you under the thumb of Tim Moore, and it’s a no-win situation.  You’re going to take a beating if we lose even one seat.  And you’ll take a beating for winning seats, with people saying we should have won more. Szoka is going to need every bit of that military training from his old job.”

its_mine_mine_mineI’m SURE John Szoka’s close ties with the deep-pocketed crowd that loooooooves government subsidies for solar energy were a big plus in the election.

House Republicans are nearly TWO MILLION BUCKS behind schedule with their fundraising.  Big-bucks solar lovers, like Charlotte’s Jay Faison, can help make that up real quick.

With this decision, House Republicans may be setting themselves up to gain a lot of new cash just ahead of the election.  But at what price  — to them, the party platform, and –us — the taxpayers?

2 thoughts on “#ncga: Mr. Solar moves to Leadership

  1. With this stinking liberal Special Interest Republican in this position, no conservative in his right mind should send a nickel to the House GOP caucus. Putting a Solyndra Republican in this position is an outrage and a massive insult to the GOP base. This guy is directly in opposition to the NCGOP Platform and supports the Obama position instead on a key issue. He is a spendthrift with our tax money to an extreme liberal special interest..

    Send your contributions to the Conservative legislative PAC set up by conservative Rep. Chris Millis at http://www.nccpac.com

    I understand that it is a crap job, but our conservatives have let us down by not putting someone up against this lousy closet Democrat.

  2. Earlier, we had a Mecklenburg County GOP chairman who had close ties to Jay Faison, the Tom Steyer of North Carolina, trying to recruit a primary challenger to Mike Hager. That stunk. That Mecklenburg GOP chairman resigned. Now we have another of Faison’s cronies, John Szoka, in a position to influence candidate recruitment and that stinks, too.

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