#ncpol: NCGOPe sidles up to Trump, takes over in NC

They didn’t do A THING for him in the primaries, but the NCGOPe will gladly take credit for Donald Trump’s November victory and be the first in line with their hands out seeking favors from the Trump Administration.  maxresdefault

In likely the second biggest strategic blunder in North Carolina — right down there with endorsing Renee Ellmers — Donald Trump has allowed the crowd that is royally screwing up our Republican governor’s reelection bid to sink their claws into his campaign efforts in one of 2016’s biggest presidential battlegrounds:

Amid concerns from North Carolina’s Republican Party brass over Donald Trump’s slow get-out-the-vote efforts here, the Trump campaign is shaking things up. There’s a new man at the helm of Trump’s North Carolina campaign headquarters  […] 

Hmmm.  Dallas AND his grandpa are concerned.    MORE:

[…]  Trump may be heeding the call to ramp up his North Carolina ground game. This week, Trump replaced Earl Phillips as his North Carolina campaign state director.

Trump has tapped Jason Simmons to take over. Simmons is a veteran of Mitt Romney’s 2012 North Carolina campaign team which eked out a Tar Heel State victory over President Obama in their general election matchup.

Hayes is confident Simmons can turn things around.220px-Robin_Hayes,_official_109th_Congress_photo

“Basically (NC GOP does) the field work for when Donald Trump or Mike Pence comes to town. They need to sort of take that over,” Hayes said.

Here’s more on the new guy: 

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign has hired a new state director in North Carolina, state Republican Party Chairman Robin Hayes confirmed Wednesday.

Jason Simmons has taken over the post previously held by Earl Phillip of Charlotte, Hayes said.

Simmons worked on Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign and then went to work for Gov. Pat McCrory.PwTV0-Wg

Here is Simmons’s LinkedIn profile.  His one year, seven month stint in the state for Romney in 2012 appears to be his ONLY campaign experience of any kind.  He spent two months on McCrory’s inaugural committee, and two stints on the governor’s staff (four months in 2013, and the second one since December 2015.  He spent nearly three years at the state Department of Health and Human Services — starting work right at the same time McCrory campaign spokesman Ricky Diaz did. (Coincidence?)   And there’s that SEVEN YEAR GAP between Simmons leaving the Army Reserve and going to work for Romney.  MORE: 

[…] Hayes said Simmons’ challenge is to build up what has been a sparse Trump organization in this key battleground state.

“He’s got to get them more organized than they are,” Hayes said, adding that Simmons also will need to work with the state party and the Republican National Committee to make sure all their ground game plans and efforts complement each other.

“We’re looking for him to get his ducks in a row,” Hayes said of Simmons and the Trump campaign in North Carolina. “(Phillip) had an organization, but it needs to be built out.”

Simmons was recommended to the national Trump campaign by Russell Peck, McCrory’s campaign manager, reported Politico, citing a source with knowledge of the situation. […] 


What is it about this guy that screams SUPERSTAR ????   What his presence in the Trump office tells me is this:  He is a placeholder to maintain influence in the Trump organizVOTERID2-NE-072916-HLLation for Russell Peck, Robin Hayes, and Ricky Diaz.

Dallas and his grandpa and Russell Peck need to worry about the GOTV efforts for a whole slew of statewide candidates.  Trump has his own celebrity status and following.  He doesn’t need to build name ID.  He’s not a traditional candidate.  People KNOW who he is.  Instead of weaseling in on this Trump gig, Little Ricky, Russell, Dallas and his grandpa need to figure out how to help the mess over in the state House, the governor’s race, the US Senate race, and a whole slew of Council of State races. 

Folks, this is the crowd that threw Hasan Harnett out the door, stuck us with Dallas Woodhouse, screwed us over repeatedly at conventions, had to be dragged kicking and screaming toward conservative legislative positions, and is ABOUT to hand the keys to the governor’s mansion over to that boob Roy Cooper.  Are Dallas, his grandpa, and their cronies about to screw things up for Donald Trump in one of the presidential race’s most important states?  We’ll see. 



14 thoughts on “#ncpol: NCGOPe sidles up to Trump, takes over in NC

  1. Trump was a keynote speaker at the NCGOP convention just a few years ago. Acting like the NCGOP didn’t want him is disingenuous at best.

    Trump was brought into the 2016 race to suck the wind out of the sails of Rand Paul, who was one of the front runners and MOST HATED by “the establishment” and Trump. Unfortunately for the GOP Trump took his role too seriously and didn’t leave. Now they’re stuck with the crazy.

  2. Trump might be ruining the Republican party on the national level and good too know we have Dallas and Grandpa to ruin it on the state level…………….. NOT

    The real cause of the Dallas and Grandpa problem are failures of the plan of organization on the state wide level that allowed Cronyism the power to win over conservative principles plus a lots of our fellow republicans are probably just as evil as the people we fight against on the other side

    The shift of being in a room full of people you could trust to being in a room full of people you cannot would be the trend I have seen during my time seeing the inner workings of the party that should fight the Leftists but instead turned into a party of compromise values to win at any cost

  3. Today I visited the NCGOP headquarters for the very first time. I was there to attend the Tump Diversity Team presentation. In attendance, were Lara Trump ( married to Eric & a NC native), Katrina Pierson (Trump comm director), NC’ians Diamond & Silk, Omasosa & Lynn Patton. What an amazing, inspirational group of women.

    Sadly, there were only about 25-30 in attendance. Dallas didn’t bother attending, although apparently he was upstairs. The NCFRW apparently didn’t think it was important enough to send an invitation to their membership, and neither did the NCGOP. Upon leaving I noticed there wasn’t one piece of information, not a sticker, a pin, or even a small campaign sign for Trump. Nothing out front. If I didn’t know better, I would have no idea there was a presidential election and we had a candidate. It’s clear, the NCGOP, has apparently decided that they’re not going to have anything to do with our candidate. The party elite have left the people by the wayside long ago and this was just a stark reminder to me. Dallas can blame the candidate all he likes, but it’s clear neither he or Hayes wants anything to do with promoting the Republican candidate. It was incredibly disrespectful to our guests, embarrassing and disappointing.

    Additionally, the building is in extreme disrepair. Obviously suffering from years of neglect. Several of the AC units are out so there are free standing units with free hanging ductwork hanging all over the place. The party is taking care of the political elite, still. They don’t care about our nation or the people of NC.

    1. Well the way I understand it and it might be incorrect but the state party does not own the building but it is in some sort of trust I think this would make it hard to maintain it cause the way I understand it the use of building could be revoked at any point and then any money invested would be lost

      I could be 100% wrong maybe someone that understands thing can explain or maybe someone could investigate the situation so we all could be clear

    2. The presidents of every Republican Women’s club was send the information along with a request that they forward it to their members. Republican Women were very much involved in this event. They were contacted several times. Most forwarded the information to their members; several clubs did not.

      Regarding the condition of the A/C – money has been approved to replace the units and they are in the process of doing that which is why the building looked so bad.

  4. Just want to set the record straight. I am president of the Charlotte Republican Women and I got nothing about any of the Trump events. Not a thing and one of the events was held in a suburb of Charlotte yet I nor anyone on our board, received a single email or any communication of any kind about any events despite what is said in the comments above. . Wonder who got all those emails about it because we got nothing. It was all very disappointing.

    1. Is Zan Bunn still the state president of the NC Republican Womens Federation? Have you asked her or whoever her successor might be if she is no longer in that position?

  5. Hello Daily Haymaker where is the truth about Earl Phillips? Earl was replaced because he was promoted! He is now Trump Deputy Director for Diversity Coalition! He is headed to the Big Apple and the Trump Tower. You have to work hard and prove yourself to get a promotion like that, way to go Earl! Just saying get it right!

    1. and I guess for that position it also helps to be non-white

      it just seems like coalitions like that are set up to keep people divided and real conservatives do not divide people by color race or origin but only in two categories Good People and Bad People

  6. American Nazi Chair: Trump Win Would Be “A Real Opportunity” For White Nationalists

    Nazis rubbing their hands together with glee over a President Trump. Can I get an amen?

    1. I am sure the Communists feel the same way about Hillary, but they may be smart enough not to say it.

  7. So today we find out the real reason Earl Phillips was replaced with the news of the lawsuit filed by a former Trump staffer. Wonder how much NCGOPe knew about the allegations?

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