#NCGOP: RNC official meddling in state party chairman race?

gopelephantThat is the word on the street.  What got the ball rolling here was a rather cryptic post on Facebook by AJ Daoud, the 6th congressional district GOP chairman, who is apparently the focus of a draft campaign for the state party chairman’s post.

Sources familiar with the situation tell me that – at least — one of the targets of Daoud’s comments was Charlotte-area activist Earl Phillips.  According to our research, Phillips is a member of the RNC’s African-American Engagement Team and the North Carolina African-American State Director.

Source we talked to — including one sitting legislator, another retired legislator, and a number of statewide activists — confirmed to us that Phillips has been making calls to key GOP activists around the state praising chairman candidate Craig Collins and criticizing Daoud.  (If true — this would be quite ironic, given Phillips’ charge to increase African-American involvement with the party. Collins’ only announced opponent, Hasan Harnett, is black.) ncgop

Sources are also telling us that Phillips has been speaking on behalf of Collins at Republican meetings around the state.

8 thoughts on “#NCGOP: RNC official meddling in state party chairman race?

  1. If a paid employee of the RNC is doing these sorts of things to intrude into NCGOP politics, the NCGOP Central Committee should demand that the RNC fire him. This conduct would be outrageous.

  2. Well that doesn’t surprise me at all. Earl supposed to be a veteran too. RNC needs to know about this, especially if he’s a paid employee. Unfortunately I’ve heard several back door conversations about this guy. Why is he around? Who do you think you supposed to be?

  3. One of the real issues in this race is what candidate is looking for a big payday if he win the chairmanship

    The Republican Party is a volunteer organization made up of grassroots volunteers all over the state.
    County Chairman are volunteers
    District Chairman are volunteers

    With this stated the Chairman and the Vice Chairman of the party should be a Volunteer Position and this needs to be stated in the Plan of Organization of the Party

    The daily operations of the state party and staff are managed by a paid executive director who works side by side with the guidance of the sitting State Chairman that keeps the state office stable during the change in Chairman that could happen every two years

    In concluding any person looking for a salary from the NCGOP should apply for a paid staff position not by trying to get elected for a Volunteer position of Chairman or Vice Chair

    1. Historically, when a chairman sought to be full time, he either was a full time volunteer like Frank Rouse, or he sought the additional position of Executive Director, hired by the Central Committee, and did both jobs, like Dave Flaherty and Jack Hawke.

      Fetzer was the one who started the concept of having a salaried chairman plus a salaried Executive Director, and I question whether the Plan of Organization actually allows that. It should be challenged at the time the Executive Committee adopts the state GOP budget.

      I have wondered how Collins planned to deal with the chairmanship, since he runs a one man law office. If he shut down the office to be a full time chairman, that would hit him in the pocket book when his term was over and he had to restart a law practice. On the other hand, I cannot see how someone who successfully juggle both a one man law office and the state chairmanship, even in a volunteer capacity. I think that issue needs an answer, and indeed all candidates should spell out how they plan to devote the time needed for the position.

      1. I know for a fact that someone did challenge the budget on this issue during the approval of the budget
        but that same person needs all the support from the delegates at this years convention to do something about it

        This same person that I know for a fact challenged Fetzer on this issue face to face before he was elected chairman not that it helped at that time

        Lets all work together to always have a Volunteer Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the NCGOP starting at this year convention

        Please share this issue and help educate ever delegate you know so we as a party might be able to do something to correct this situation

        1. Hawke and Flaherty were two of the best GOP chairmen in my lifetime, so I have no objection to a chairman also serving as ED and getting the salary of the latter position if the Central Committee agrees to it.

          However, I totally agree with you that the party should NOT have both a paid chairman and a paid ED.

          1. I support the paid Executive Director to give stability to the daily running of the operations of the office staff and being able to implement the ideas and leadership from the chairman

            The Chairman is the face of the party being that he represents each and every republican this is why I like separation of the operation tasks and the leadership roll

            Since the Chairman’s term is only 2 years it would not be good for the party to start from scratch on the operations side every term without people in place that know how to maximize effectiveness of daily operations.

            Thanks for commenting on my post


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