NC’s Jones, SC’s Mulvaney stand strong on spending, while rest of US House GOP folds like cheap suit

“And the beat goes on … ”
— Sonny & Cher


The drive-bys have been calling last week’s vote on the 2016 federal budget in the GOP-controlled US House as ”conservative.”   Seventeen members of the House GOP caucus would beg to differ with that assessment: 

[…] Rep. Walter Jones (N.C.) — Jones called the increased spending “irresponsible” and “immoral.”

“Frankly, I am tired — and I know the American people are tired — of the dishonesty in Washington,” he said in a statement. “We’re fed up with the annual budget charade where Washington makes another empty promise to get tough on spending in future years, while spending more today. It’s bankrupting America and it’s got to stop.”

[…] Rep. Mick Mulvaney (S.C.) — Mulvaney criticized fellow Republicans for circumventing the 2011 spending caps in an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal. “With fiscal concerns no longer in vogue, House Republicans broke the statutory caps of the Budget Control Act (BCA) and did so in a way that wasn’t honest,” the conservative lawmaker wrote.[…]capitol

Only two from the Carolinas showing ANY guts.  Only 17 from a GOP majority — the biggest in 60 years — showing any kind of guts to try and control spending.  Is this what you voted for, folks? 

Things weren’t much better in the Senate.  This same budget deal passed by a margin of 52-42 in that GOP-controlled chamber.  The only GOP opposition came from Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  (Of course, Burr and Tillis were right there with ol’ Mitch.)