NC-02: Pro-lifers circulate letter of condemnation targeting Renee Ellmers

The representative for North Carolina’s Second Congressional District is still feeling the political aftershocks from her decision earlier this year to lead the torpedoing of a late-term abortion bill. 

Renee EllmersA leading anti-abortion / pro-life organization has targeted Renee Ellmers with an online letter of condemnation:

National Pro-Life Letter of Condemnation


To : Representative Renee Ellmers

Dear Representative Ellmers,

By opposing the ban on partial birth abortions, you sided with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the entire abortion industry.

You deliberately betrayed the pro-life movement in order to appease the left-wing media.

Your actions now guarantee that more innocent babies will be brutally murdered for profit in abortion mills all across America.

I gladly add my name to this National Pro-Life Letter of Condemnation. Your actions are inexcusable, and I wholeheartedly condemn your betrayal of the Pro-life movement.

Wow. Talk about stirring up a hornet’s nest.  Talk about picking a really unnecessary fight. (I wonder what they think about Jim Duncan?)

1 thought on “NC-02: Pro-lifers circulate letter of condemnation targeting Renee Ellmers

  1. Most of the RTL groups have gotten Renee’s number and she is on their hit list. The one you always have to watch, however, is National Right to Life, which is as bad as the NRA at pandering to incumbents, and overlooking major flaws of incumbents even on their own issue. It took a mammoth grassroots effort in 2010 to keep the NRA from endorsing Harry Reid, in spite of some really bad votes on 2nd Amendment issues and even sponsorship of a bad bill or two.

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